Why does Populism lack power to forgive students?

It feels like everyone because it’s been framed as a pincer move.

Where those above and below you are against you.

First assumptions is that there are two parties at play.

A) Those who meritocratic hillbillies, who inherited their step-father’s trailer and don’t need no fancy city schooling.

B) Those who choose successful careers in finance, law, and engineering where they get to work side by side with their frat brothers.

Truth is that neither of these coalitions has the power to change the policy of debt traps and educational promises.

Those with the power to change student debt, have the capital that makes student debt irrelevant to them.

Therefore they are not actively concerned with the debt.Those who profit from increases in school cost, Administration and Endowment managers, get paid first and so they are actually on the side of canceling or forgiveness.

At least in speech.. but rarely in action.Corporate benefits from educated professionals reduced negotiation power and high obligation.

This is a case of when EVERYONE actually means on the 10% of people that have the power to matter.

When the taxes on grain become too high, the peasantry starts hunting game and trading in pelts rather than gold.

With love,


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