Bartle’s Taxonomy Through a Hogwarts lens

I’m just going to assume you are familiar with the four houses of Hogwarts.

Bartle’s Taxonomy is a classification of players by what those players want out of the game.

Want to experience something NEW?

You’re an Explorer

Want to make memories with Friends?

You’re a Socializer

Want to get a world first / high score?

You’re an Achiever

Want to dominate?

You’re a Killer

If you see what I’m about to say you can skip this paragraph. Killers are Slytherin, Achievers are Gryffindor, Socializers are Hufflepuff, Explorers are Ravenclaw.

Why then does any of this matter and is a thorn I must pluck from my mind and onto the pages of this unmaintained blog?

Well I was talking with a friend the other day and he said a trope

“There are TWO types of people”

People love binaries I know. That’s not the bother but although I’m a fan of the simplification of DnD alignment system. I find that it is limited to method of an actor rather than motivation of an actor.

But you can use Bartle’s taxonomy to describe the motivation of an actor and when the taxonomy is applied further by categorizing an actors secondary motivation. Now you have a 12 point system.

For example let’s say your motivation is to be the best and to prove it to others…

Now you’re trying to climb the PVP ladder, you’re an Achiever with a secondary motive of being a Killer.

Or perhaps you want to reveal all the secrets in the game to the Wiki…

Now you’re an Explorer with a secondary motive of being a Socializer.

I’ve stated before that if you want to accurately plot which house a character belongs to based on their myers/briggs then best get out your HyperCube.

But using Bartle’s taxonomy with a primary and secondary motive allows for Euclidean diagrams.

Take for instance Hermione and Neville may both be achievers but to IMO, the method by which they are after achievement is by study(exploration). In Neville’s case it is a focused mastery of herbology and in Hermione’s case it is a broad understanding of subjects related directly with academic achievement.

The Weasleys seem to value improving the strength of interpersonal bonds. Making them secondary Hufflepuffs. Yet, since they are putting effort their friendships the friendships would still be the Achievement that allows for proper sorting.

So yes Merula Snyde may be out to dominate you. But how will be determined by her secondary motivation..

With love,


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