Hearts minds and will of the people

The US government operates on a three part system

theoretically equal in the distribution of powers and responsibility

practically useless

I’ve had many discussions with my wife about the current power struggles within thai land as well as Hong Kong and the self imposed exile of Prince Harry.

I think I’ve detected a common thread.

The Heart of the People.

In order to effectively govern you need at least three things

A people’s Will.

Typically portrayed as violence. But will is simply the ability to exert force by the direction of the body. An army imposing it’s kings will for the desire of resources will conquer lands foreign and domestic, pressing people into service.

A people’s Mind

Without the rational actors on the side of the government, you’ll find yourself without mercenaries, overseers, middle-managers and most importantly bureaucrats whose function is to obfuscate how power and resources are distributed, preventing upheaval by maintaining status quo.

A people’s Heart

This is the least defined. The prince describes Ecclesiastes driven principalities as areas that neither require rule and are resistant to interference. For much of history the Church has functioned as the Heart bestowing a check upon the King’s Will.

I recently read that Viking kings had a council of women who had the veto power over his decisions in much the same way.

In England the Queen, while massive in her financial power, is constrained in her Will and Mind by the Parliament as well as other financial powers.

What she does hold is the Heart of the People. Something that is detectable in all her actions as a motive.

The Heart is emotional it can change with the wind if a leader isn’t careful. That is why if there is no codified singular religion – state sponsored. It becomes even more of a problem.

In America

The purpose of the Judiciary is to actually serve as the heart of the nation. Which wasn’t such a big issue until the will/minds of the plutocrats became misaligned with the will/minds of the populace.

I think nation wide that a solution will not be reached until these two parties align once again as to who deserves what…

Now I think that the best way for a Judge to do their Job of being able to keep the other two branches in check would be as it is currently structured with a single low level judge preceding not based on the size of a population but based on the case load of disputes. So as not to tax any individual judge too much and to not appoint any unnecessary judges.

I think that the position of Judge should not have the authority of a Jury as well as the power of a Censor.

But in order to remove external pressures from a Judge. A Judge should be a position for life, where except for rank among judges, something that should be self-selecting by piers without the vote of superiors. In order to have a proper appellate court.

The only except should be that if a judge loses the heart of the people. They can be removed from office.

I am unsure as how to structure such a removal at this time. But it should be preferable that they retire but it shouldn’t be impossible for a majority be able to remove a Judge that does not share the values of the median.

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