Approaching Projects: Break it down and KISS it

A master of none but Jack of all.

Here is the process I used to create this song.

Step 0: Be inspired enough to put in the work. In this case I was motivated by not working on my novella (similar to this post), as well as not having something creative complete.

Step 1: have a vision of the final product, in this case I knew that I wanted to take the source rant and boil down the 9 minutes into a typical 3-4 minute song.. along the lines of institutionalized-by Suicidal Tendencies. This was my bench mark for a 10/10.

Now that I have the final product in mind it’s a matter of getting the bricks together.

Step 2: I needed a format. How does one construct a song. I could have taken a few courses of music theory and construction either from youtube or skillshare… But I rather just took the song self-esteem by the offspring as a template. Minus the vocal instrumentals– the LA LA, the chorus, and other flare, I took the structure or a Verse 1, Verse 2, Bridge, Verse 3, Bridge.

Step 3: Find the verses in the rant source, then assemble. run a simple base line

Step 4: Put it down for a minute and understand my limitations. I know that it’s not Schmoyoho. This is also the point where I sent it out to get feedback from people who know a thing or two.

Step 5: Master it

Step 6: Write and publish a blog post about it. Now get back to writing from the POV of a bed-ridden, Pyschopathic Teenage girl.

With Love


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