Don’t Dilute, Be resolute

This is not financial advice and most definitely speculation

First I am glad that this proposed increase in the number of available shares and the share split itself will be held to a vote.

A vote I fully expect 100% turn out for.

There isn’t much to say about that unless you’re Jason “Fucking” Waterfall.

My shares will be NO!

The case for why the share split is a good thing and that voting MAY trigger a recall (bet it won’t) has been made.

Here is my case for why this hurts MOASS.

I’ve been using this analogy with my wife’s boyfriend. See right now everyone owns a title to a car and those cars are parked over with the DTCC. However, they sold the same car seven times over. This isn’t a problem because when people need access to their car, they just show the title to the lot attendant and he will bring out on of the cars not being used. Only now people are moving their cars to the Comptershare parking lot down the street. Once all the cars have been moved, people will see how empty the DTCC lot actually was and there is going to be a problem when 5 people come to pick up the only hooptie in the lot.

This is going to take a long time and the split might not help.

Here are my thoughts

Let’s say the price stays at 150 right before the split. Ok now the price is 50 after the split but you have 3 times as many shares.

Unless of course you lent your shares out to be shorted. Then you still have IOUs, only now they are for three times the amount of shares, which with a handshake you can settle “It’s cool” we the institutions will just reduce our position by TWO THIRDS, no need for those poors to get a dime.

Unless of course your with a contract for difference broker, which may only give you a $100 because we sold those extra shares on your behalf.

Unless of course you were holding far dated contracts for a price above current corrupt market prices. That contract is still only for the 100 shares which no longer represent 100/76,000,000 but now 100/228,000,000 (looks more like popcorn to me).

Rant Time

Maybe the current projection of full float DRS being 2024-2026 is disheartening and the numbers have even slowed down. It is rough times out there for everyone without a trust fund.

We aren’t just apes we are people. Who have been struggling under a system where the rich get richer and the poor stay poor, die fast.

It is going to take us a while to DRS not because we are lazy, or we have lost heart.

Everyday we fight our own war against the rising cost of rent, the extra applications and hope for a better job. Stretching out the bottle of shampoo by diluting it with water for just another week.

Our windfalls are not when the stonks go up, they are when we managed to pick up an extra shift and get overtime, which means we save on a late fee for a light bill paid on time.

Getting hands on enough to buy a single share of GME takes some of us about THREE months of good luck to have enough money to lose on these moon tickets.

It might be hard to understand when only a fraction of you worth is used on daily expenses, but we are holding for life changing money and HOPE that the system can be corrected before it has to be burned down.

My worst fear with this is the DD is correct and that over 700 million shares have been sold and that after the split maybe a month the price will return to 180 and now the DRS timeline is 6 times as far away.

Everyday is a struggle and life changing money is sadly 5k a share,

50k and I have a years salary or better yet, I would lose the fear of financial ruin and be able to see a doctor.

500k a share and many apes can become home secure.

5 million isn’t a meme but it is years away, unless the DOJ does something.

I have never put my faith in strangers, but APES are family.


I’m voting no.

I’m DRSing every share I can get my calloused hands on.

Just give us time and hope if you arn’t going to just put yourself on the line and lock the float yourself.

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