CW’s Stargirl VS. The Green New Deal

[Spoilers for season 1 of Stargirl and Eight Days a Week (1997) and some Bond Films]

There is something not right with the world. Neverwas, Eden I know.

Peter: This may sound crazy…

…but sometimes when I’m depressed that the world is a really terrible place… I find myself sympathizing with the Bond villians.

Erica: What do you mean?

Peter:… remember how Curt Jurgens, in The Spy Who Loved Me….wanted to create a perfect society under the sea? And in Moonraker, Hugo Drax wanted to do the same thing… in space

Erica: Right.

Peter: Well, these guys really weren’t so bad. They were just tired of the war, the politics, pollution and… And wanted to change things. Then this handsome womanizer, who’s afraid of commitment….pulls up in his fancy sports car and messes things up. Just to Protect the Status Quo.

-Scene from Eight Days a Week

A relatively unremarkable American Pie humor wrapped around a Cusack romance plot. But that scene always and those words always stuck with me.

And despite my best efforts at practicing pragmatism, I see the world first as a cynic. I don’t know shit and neither do you.

That’s why when I find a piece of wisdom that runs counter to the common sentiment. I savor it.

The CW’s star-girl was such a subversive masterpiece.

Protecting the Status Quo has been the job of superheroes, secret agents, and governments.

During the first season of Star-girl as the main character is hunting down the Injustice Society of America(ISA)

We as the audience have the privilege of knowing a little bit more than our protagonist before she does. This show is a masterclass of the Dramatic Reveal. The Audience always has enough time to process the Reveal before the Reveal is revealed to the character.

When we find out that the ISA is hiding in Blue Valley hiding behind the American Dream

A charitable organization whose mission statement is to re-vitalize small towns across America.

A noble sentiment

Of course this is just a front while they prepare their world altering machine.

The Injustice Society of America

Wishes to Create a New America

one with Universal Healthcare and Solar Energy written into the constitution

This gives our heroes pause as they wonder if they should really be trying to stop this society attempting to correct systematic Injustice…

Well it’s black and white if they don’t stop the ISA then 25 million people will die.

So in order to protect the lives of 25 million people, they must protect the Status Quo of these dysfunctional states of America,

And if the cost was not so cut and dry…

For the majority of the show it isn’t exactly clear why the Bad guys are “Bad guys”, at least up until the sports-master and Tigress start killing people.

At the very least it is clear that the Bad Guys are jerks.

The beauty in watching this show through a cynic lens is that

I know that charities are generally terrible. The best thing about them is that they have to publicly report expenses, so we can see how the ASPCA pays it’s former CEO $400,000 a year for consulting. But hey maybe the American Dream is not a money laundering operation for the ISA’s ill-gotten gains.

Also that in order for a town to function it must produce more than it’s residents consume. If it only consumes what it produces its a commune… even the Amish sell produce in order to buy products that they can not craft themselves. Whether the town is producing Tourism, Mining, Produce, or Manufactured goods… it must produce more value than it consumes.

So when a one factory town loses it’s factory the town slowly dies. This is the Status Quo and since our heroes succeeded in stopping the ISA and their forceful implementation of The Green New Deal, they also destroyed the American Dream.

The Status Quo is Centrist and the only winners in Centrism are the Corporatists.

With Love,