Ownership of Time

Everyone has 164 hours a week. Except for me. How did I gain more?

It’s not about sliding in a extra hour here and there. Winding back to clock only to have it catch up later. It’s about divesting that time

We each have a week, seven days. Most work 5 for wages and two for debt. Debts to family, faith, and fun. I work 3 nights for wages, hard labor which has had a better effect on my physique than any workout regiment I have tried and quit. Then I work three days behind the keyboard, til my brain is tapped out. Spend the next two days paying my debts. That’s right I have eight days a week but the real miracle is that by varying my daily focus from physical, mental, and spiritual. I actually have two weeks in a seven day period…

I want you to remember what you did last week. Odds are you only remember a few things, significant and insignificant. I was late to work on Tuesday, Thursday I had a second cup of coffee before first break which is unusual. You had just as much time as me but like water the memory of that time has slipped from your hand. So while we have had the same amount of time. I’ve actually had twice the experience because I remember more of the experience.

Whats best is that since I am removed from the tasks associated with one of my weeks for an extended period of time. It give me time to analyze and evaluate what I’ve learned and how I’ve spent that time. So that by the time my hard labor is done I have a new plan to attack my mental labor. When my mental labor is under completion, I can contemplate my spiritual labor.

How can I best serve my family friends and faith?

Then as my spiritual labor comes to a close,

How can I improve upon my mental labor?

I hope that the word keeps this a secret, because honestly we are in competition and I am to win.

Victory being young men with reading speeds of close to 1,000 words per minute.

Take care, and remember its

how much time you’ve spent getting experience

It’s about how much experience you can get out of time.

With love,


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