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Don’t get rich quick, spending all your money on GET RICH QUICK shit

Dear Joshua,

I hope you read this, I’m not going to e-mail you or even tell you about this post. Because of our relationship and how well I know you, and that despite the thousands of dollars you’ve spent on programs from:

Miracle Morning


James Goggins

You won’t read these post.

Because you don’t value my opinion.

And until I make my first million, you never will.

It’s not because I’m 6 years your younger.

Or that we work the same job.

It’s because you only respect arguments from “authority”.

Dear reader,


I hope that you don’t end up like my co-worker, will. He has been buying into “Flipping Systems”, “Motivational seminars”, and “Self-Help on Tape” for over a decade. All while working full-time (45+hrs) in a brutal warehousing industry (Featuring days in the freezer kept at a very untoasty -22F {-30C}).

Each day he grows older, His MS gets worse and he takes out more loans to purchase another year in his “Flipping System” or “Personal Coaching”

It has probably been over two decades since he actually grew any wiser and not just older.

If you’re here reading this you are either

A) a cringe cynic ready for a Laugh.

B) You genuinely think that this may hold the “Secret” that’s been holding you back.

                  1. you’re DirtySciFiBuddha or J.R.

The Secret:

It was you all along. You just didn’t actually follow the system. If you had you’ve have a million dollars and a Yacht. Take a look at Todd over there, He followed the system he worked hard. Now he’s working only a few hours a week collecting rent from his tenants. Why, he’ll be a millionaire in less than a year. I guess you JUST didn’t want it hard enough.

The Truth:

It was you but it was also me. I don’t give a fuck whether you spend you’re last dime on my program. I know out of every thousand people who buy into the level you’re at only five will actually make their money back and even less than that make a million dollars.

I know that you are going to quite. And the best part is you are going to blame yourself. After all my program works. That’s why I’m a millionaire and you’re not because you didn’t work hard enough.

The Parable:

A faith healer stands over the corpse of an emaciated child.

“I’m sorry Miss Jones, Timmy’s faith was just not strong enough to over come his cancer. There is only so much my gift can do.”

I’ve read the 4 hour work week cover to cover, bought Tools of Titans/Tribe of Mentors, and a copy of the 4 hour body. Only after having listened to the Tim Ferris podcast for over 300 hrs for free.

99.9% of any advice is available for free, if you know where to look or get lucky searching for it. But here is the cognitive problem with free.


Means inferior quality to the status conscience.

I mean the Miracle Morning was on the new york times best selling list. If memory serves, it hit the best seller list in the business category in 2015 four months after publish and only for a week. -Allegedly this is achievable by buying roughly 500 copies of the $25 book for yourself. Not an impressive feat but forever you’ll have the authority of being a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR. –

Remind yourself

If this guy can figure out the “Secret” I can too.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


There never will be a single “The Secret”

Their is however your “Secret”

Joshua’s “Secret” is that he would rather work warehouse than make sales calls.

His program leader’s “Secret” is that he doesn’t care if Joshua actually uses his system as long as he keeps paying the bill.

The last “Secret” I discovered about me is that

While I can fire off a rocking blog post like this in the TWO hours I spend writing after work, It’s not helping with my WIP. And It won’t help Joshua either.

The last “Secret” I’ve learned about my enemy is that they are weaker than estimated. I’ve given too much in the way of caution, where I could have been in the midst of an assault.

What’s the last “Secret” you’ve learned?

And how are you going to use this new found knowledge?

Well I have a cycle of 30 minutes left and I’m going to try to write a despairing body horror opening to my WIP for the third time this week.

With Love,


My advice is always free, sometimes wrong, and comes from a genuine place of care.

How to Have a Successful Self-Employed Day

Simple: You decide before the day whether it’s going to be a success or not


at the end of the day decide whether or not it was successful.



Truth is it is very hard to judge yourself whether the day was successful. Whatever your field, their will be landmines.

I’ll tell you about mine-field then boil down that experience and hopefully it will help you flip your houses, sell your Amway, or make sweet vapor-wave beats like Fwenzy.

I am a writer, publisher, marketer, manager, blogger, husband, nutrition enthusiast, philosopher, game theorist, mechanic and a video game addict.

I can’t do all of these everyday. There is not enough hours and as little as I sleep, my dreams are filled with workflow processes and Javascripting stacks.

But when I have my “Days off” I have to decide what will make a successful day before I go to bed the night before.

Thurs-Fri are my typical “Days off” ergo these are the days I get to pour hours into my company.

I start with a word count goal typically 2k-3k.

Some days I only get 500 words toward my finished work. Those are sad days but they happen. It’s not that I didn’t try on those days. I spent the time at the computer with Word Open, I went to the gym, I wasn’t too full or too hungry. Typically I painted myself into a corner and sense I write from the hip meaning I do very little plotting, I occasionally run into a scenario where the characters have to solve some challenge but it has to be in a believable way.

I can’t have the honest paladin steal a set of keys to free his friend who got locked up for sleeping with the captain’s daughter. I can’t just magic a solution from the barkeep who happened to be an Ex-mage. The lover can’t just turn her objections into affections because the sex scene would really slip in well here, no the characters have to be true to themselves. Because unlike real life fiction has to make sense.

When you work for yourself you decide whether or not your day was a success. But you need to measure not just yesterday but the day before and the day before that. Each day looking back with the knowledge you have now and evaluating exactly how successful that day was.

This Little Blog

has yielded not a single book sale I’m aware of. So is it worth maintaining?

Yes, Blogging helps me write by getting over myself and getting a lot of the junk out of my system. And while most days I get only a single view. Since regularly posting each week starting in March:

I’ve garnered over 20 followers, 12 of which I’m certain are real life robots

I’ve gotten over a thousand unique visitors. Two of my posts regularly appear in google search results.

I’ve even been referenced over on KiwiFarms as a source of red pill authority

-Quite the feather in my Fedora-

{Blatant Sarcasm}

{}About the Fedora{}

Now my current game-plan is no secret, Once I have Three more Novella’s in the Chamber. I’m going to push The Duke and The Dragon Hard as every read should yield my an ROI of $35. Finally writing will be profitable. Hopefully by Jun 2021 It will be my full time gig.

I have been writing for three years. And every single November has been a dead month. That’s three November’s without a single word written. What’s that random #writingcommunity stranger #NaNoWriMo is November where people write a 50k novel in a single month and my novella’s only Average 40k. Well then, FUCK YOU, -straight-en’s choker- I mean clearly my muse is busy helping others that month.

But I’ve looked at the trend and I have to say. I’m taking next November off, regardless. That’s right random citizen author I’ll be on Vacay while you’re cramming at #NaNoWriMo. Because It’s had no measurable negative impact on my writing quality or my works in progress. November is filled with family issue’s events and surprises from the woodwork. Was it a successful month? If I just looked at this past November I would say no, But since I have 2018 and 2017 to look at as well. I have a different view, Was 2019 November a success? Yes, I am quite refreshed and ready to work.

In Three Year’s I’ve written Three Books. In Four I’ll have Written Seven or Ten. If I can make this my full time- gig. I’m looking at clocking Ten a year.

When you are working for yourself, you have to take all the data step back as far as possible from where you are, so you can see both where you are going and where you came from.

Some day’s i do feel like shit because I’m not working “HARD” enough then I remember how much harder I am working now than when I started and I feel a little better. Also I my blogging skills are improving

-except for putting pretty pictures up-

{I don’t care for that level of Aesthetics}

SO has you’re day been successful?

Compared to this time last week?

This time last year?

This time last decade?

If the answer is no

What needs to change?

That is the only other question you need to ask.

With Love,


Cold hard Cash.

Whether you are using the Pound, Lira, Bitcoin, USD, or Looney. You’re using a general purpose currency. First and foremost these currencies are used to secure the essentials in life food, water, housing. Cash will guarantee you the bottom tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy but it can’t guarantee you respect, influence, purpose, or help with self-actualization. (The highest tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy).

This is exactly why those who have never experienced financial problems will tell you that money will not solve all your problems. Because money no matter how much of it you have (Looking at you Bill and Jeff) money can not be exchanged to fulfill these needs. In fact, it may actually be a hindrance if there is such disparity between your wealth and the wealth of those around you as to create jealousy. Yes, it may actually be counter productive to be the Jones’s (or Kardashians).

The pursuit of Cash is currently a gun to the head of workers, welfare recipient’s, and anyone whose trades their Cash for food.


Picasso rarely carried cash. Instead he would trade doodles for cigarettes, meals, or be provided for by his estate. Well certified doodles go for hundred’s of dollars on Ebay to this day.

Picasso was trading his fame for his needs. He certainly wasn’t trading talent or effort of a quick doodle but his signature is what made the doodle worth more than the half dollar he would have spent buying the whatever in 1960’s Spain.


Whether you have 100k in savings or you are waiting for your next paycheck to clear the bank before you go grocery shopping. You trade Cash for food. If you don’t have money you don’t have food.

So starts the process. You trade X for money because of someone else’s Y.

X = Time (T) multiple by your level of Skill (S) plus your Influence (I) minus your ignorance (i), all of that under the market’s need for your services (MN) = (MN)/((TxS)+(I-i)

Y = demand

/// Ugh, I give up///

The point I’m trying to lay the foundation for is that without cash being directly exchanged for food and other essential needs it is useless. So long as Cash is what can secure yourself the bottom tiers of safety, security, food, water, etc it is essentially trading violence or threat of death for goods and services.

Why is this sooooo hard set the foundation for.

  • Checks notes –

I know that it’s a valid observation once stated but since I am directing this argument to those who have only ever exchanged Cash for Status. Example Buying an NFL team or Donating Money to build a ward of a hospital, which you put your name on. This is an exchange of cash for status which is the third tier of Maslow’s hierarchy.

I spend countless hours on these questions.

Assuming Cash is inherently violence / threat of death, how can one affect change in a non-violent manner?

I have a plan but my current plan is still build on the violence inherent in the system.

And how can I ethically use violence and threat of death to remove Cash from the system?

My current plan is such:

Step 1: Create a Fan-base for Western/Fantasy pulp Novellas

Use that income to fund a studio which can pump out a new Novella every month.

Step 2: After a five year run of the studio guarantee every employee 15% of there wages for life.

Meaning that after five years if you earned $40k/yr you’ll get $6k/yr every year for the rest of your life. Thereby removing the threat of death from any further service.

If I won the lottery today. I would immediately pour those resources into this project.

But I don’t even have the funds to advertise effectively and grow a fan-base for pulp fiction.

That’s why I’m working on The Council of Seven Project. I still need six other interested parties willing to work together. Trading two hours a week for mutual benefit.

Well take care for now,


It takes ten minutes


STOP, right where you are

Remember what you had for lunch yesterday?

You ask your brain to recall the memory. The first thing it lays at your feet is a tasty dish from… when was that.. not yesterday… no, NO.. aw that’s what you ate.

This is where you realize your brain is either lying to you or incompetent. Your brain is dumb. You are an intelligent, hard-working, kind person but you haven’t made progress toward your dream… in how long?

I’ve seen the future of my coworkers. They work a brutal schedule five 9 to 10 hours (paid) a day with Saturdays off and one rotating day of, night shift to boot. Typically an hour drive each way. The labor itself is bending, lifting, and stacking up to 90lbs but an average lift of 20-30lbs (ideally 200 times an hour). The hardest workers make clerical wages and the technical workers operating heavy equipment and not doing a lot of lifting make less than a McDonald’s Assistant manager. It’s not surprising annual turnover is over 200%. This gig breaks people and it isn’t until they are broken that they leave.

Why do they wait until they pull a muscle or slip a disc before they even consider leaving? Because just like you their brains are dumb. Unlike you, they don’t know this fact.

It only takes ten minutes.

One of the most common habits of successful people is meditating. Meditation is a turn off for a normal duck. It’s hard. I can’t get my brain quit. I’d rather listen to the radio during the few minutes I have as alone time each day.

It’s an uncomfortable reality that for most ducks ten minutes alone with just them and their brain is PAINFUL.

Graduate to meditating daily like the multi-millionaire gurus you aspire to be like.

START by just listening to your brain for ten minutes.

Ask it the question, Any question really.

How am I going to get out of this situation? Why do I do this?

Listen to it’s answers. Some may be good. You need X dollars a month. You have a family to support. You need a degree.

Then ask it the next question.


Here’s where you start to see through your brain’s bullshit.

Listen to it’s excuses. Consider them either valid or stupid. If they are stupid reasons: “Because, that’s the way it’s always been.” , “Because we don’t have a choice.” , “Because you can’t”. Then keep asking WHY until you get a VALID response.

If the response is valid ask your brain


It’ll tell you.

The truth is that process was painful and your brain in it’s loving kindness for sanity. Doesn’t like to be called out like this. That’s why it begs for the TV to be turned on in the background. That’s why you listen to the radio. That’s why you can’t remember your lunch from yesterday at first ask. You’re brain wants to keep you SAFE and ALIVE but you need to put it on the spot if you ever want to be SUCCESSFUL and THRIVE.

With love as always,


The Replicator Defense

I want to live in a Star Trek future.

A world free of poverty, hunger, where all the sovereign nations co-exist peacefully.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) would be a step in this direction. But when talking with my fellow trekkies who believe we are living in a world of scarcity they fall quickly onto The Replicator Defense.

“Of course they have no poverty or hunger in Star Trek. They have replicators. They can just make food out of thin air.”

If there is anything that upsets a nerd more it’s the type of statement that invokes the response.

“Ummm… Actually.”

Replicators and even Protein Re-sequencers existed after the abolishion of poverty. In Star Trek canon this is due to the drastic decrease in population after World War 3. With a high level of technology and a massive decrease in population resulted in the creation of a post-scarcity society, with little to no governing authority preventing a drunk, Zefram Cochrane, from re-purposing a nuclear missile into a warp capable spaceship. (for fun)

Replicators just make the system easier… they were not the catalyst for the change in the first place.

People have a hard time accepting that with current farming techniques we can sustainably feed the worlds population (7 billion) three times over before we run into a scarcity of land over the preservation of unique and local ecosystems. We don’t have a resource problem. We have a distribution problem. We have an incentive problem.

There is no automatic incentive for feeding and housing people.

Capitalist hotels serve good food so that they can get repeat customers and earn a profit.

Communist hostels serve people good food because they depend on the social benefit those patrons add to the commune. If John starves he won’t be able to raise the hogs that make my favorite bacon dish.

Feudalist inn’s serve as quarters for the lords militia, a way station for merchants and travelers. The Inn-keeper was born into keeping, maintaining, and services expected of his position or else face punishment from his lord.

Egalitarian societies have never grown large enough to require the creation of a hotel/hostel/inn.

UBI creates a floor of value on every individuals life, regardless of birth, skill, or ability. It quantifies the charitable notion that no one deserves to starve to death for lack of resources as having value in capitalist economy.

No American Citizen Deserves to potentially Starve to Death.

That is why I support the Freedom Dividend as proposed by Andrew Yang.

With love as always,


Newsstand Pulp, Comic Spinners, Disney+, and why Harry Potter is the last great original IP franchise.

As a writer of novella’s my competition is every piece of media in existence, not just other books or movies, video games and YouTube as well, and even online click-bait articles from twitter or the FaceBook and fanfic hosted by WattPad. I am selling an hour and a half of entertainment after all.

A market theorist should argue that “With increased competition, the quality of the goods and services provided will increase as well.”

My starving artist friends argue that getting endorsed by an industry titan will provide financial success and legitimacy of their talents. My comic artist friends want contracts with Marvel or DC. My painters want their art on display and endorsed through high art circulations. Writers want a publishing deal with the Big 5. Musicians a record deal.

The current market is not a meritocracy. It looks that way on the surface and as long as people believe it’s operating fairly, my artist friends (you included) will not upset the institutions they seek validation from.

The current market is still an aristocracy but that is about to change.

If you want to skip the three narratives that I have based this theory on then skip ahead to these marks


Our story starts in the 1920s when newsstands became filled with pulp magazines. Competition was high. It bread Robert E. Howard. Competition was so high in fact that even the greats like the creator of Conan could not support themselves off of writing alone. Even being paid $0.01 a penny a word for a short story or serial part ($20 for 2k/ 4 pages), which is $0.15 in 2019 money (a 2k story would pay $300).

Competition was high on the newsstands, but there was no TV, no internet, no Facebook.

The 30s came around and a new beast started attacking the pulps dominance.


By the 40s only a few Titans of pulp were left, comparable to today’s BIG 5 publishers. They would only accept the best the likes of Issac Asimov, but by the 1960s Competition was to high and what even the big magazines could afford to pay was too low to attract talent. The pulp magazine industry died somewhere in the early seventies a quite death.

Forty years is a good run but what happened to pulp magazines is what’s killing Comics.

In the 90s comics were still in every grocery store. A cheap impulse buy was the only barrier to keep up with the adventures of the Amazing Spider-Man. Accessible to everyone. Until one day they weren’t, the comic shops had opened and the speculator market was booming. Image Comics forced innovation from the big 2. This single extra step of going to a comics store prevented “normies” from buying comics, or the brands from attracting new fans. Licensing characters to Saturday morning TV (IMO) is responsible for creating the next generation of fans eager to watch batman/spider-man/MCU films.

Competition, since the 90s, is high but the inconvenience barrier of the comic book stores prevents access to a casual audience. The direct market, comic bookstores, continue to lose customers. Sept 2019’s number 1 comic was Spawn 300 which sold an est 262,599 units while the number 10 sold Harleen issue 1 sold 84,785. For point of reference, keep in mind that Wonder Woman was the reworked in the late 60s because it was selling only around 200,000 copies a month for an average issue. (known as the Mod ERA)

Sales are so low that Disney owned Marvel is considering shutting down the comics book division.

Disney sits at the top of the market place right now. They want to leverage this position to run Disney+ and make that sweet Netflix money. Competition in the streaming service center is now high. Access is also getting harder.

Lets go back to before cable, Disney use to air it’s movies on regular television. Then once cable came along and VHS, Disney switched to a direct to customer model. Selling it’s classic films for limited time to customers who didn’t have cable and locking their films behind the cable pay wall. They turned away 80s children who now didn’t have access to their films. Then in the 90s when they became dependent on those same 80s children to watch their films, no one showed up to the theatre. Disney almost went bankrupt before the Pirates franchise saved them in the early 2000s.

Disney+ will do the same for the Disney corporation, when they depend on the adults and parents of 2030 to show up to the theatre.

Now the short answer as to why Harry Potter will be the last great original IP.

Harry Potter books came out in the 90s. Where was there audience exposed to them? What was there competition?

Scholastic Book Fairs

90s children had little internet, no cell phones, comic books were in comic stores.

Before the movies were released, this series of books was able build a hardcore base over the course of four years then it’s movie releases brought more people into the books. Growing each year as children aged up and were exposed to the books at the book fair and the movies all over television. In 2005 cable became mandatory as the FCC demanded that all TV convert to HD by 2005. Which meant that more people had access to catch the first three Harry Potter films on marathon every other week.

Children today and for the foreseeable future will have unlimited access, to everything. Clint Eastwood’s man with no name trilogy, the death of superman, The entire discography of Prince. Whatever they, or you want, is just a couple of taps away from the palm of your hand. And that’s if they are in the mood to spend or search pirate bay. YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Reddit, Wattpad all provide free alternatives to keep you entertained.


Competition could not be higher.

Access by everyone for everything is high.

Convenience of Access is being limited only by the Titans themselves.

I have a plan, a theory, and a mission. But I can not do this alone.

The Future is not individual artist competing against each other.

The Future is small groups of artists functioning as one for each other.

The larger and more unified the artist group the more effective they will be as individuals.

I’m bringing together seven independent authors whose target audience is men ages 18-25+.

As the Magnificent Seven remarks.

“Men are Cheaper than Rifles.”

Right Now there are two requirements for a seat on this council

          1. You must have at least one professionally edited publish work for sale. (one mistake per 10k words)

          2. You are willing to spent at least 2 hours a week for the promotion and success of the council.

E-mail me at

The first applicant to meet the requirements will be accepted immediately. Then applicants will be approved through an interview process and by a majority vote of the sitting members of the council until all seven positions have been filled. The last approved member of the council will get amazon and goodreads reviews from the sitting six members, As the first order of the council’s business.

Whether first or last you’ll be a winner, if you join a winning team.

I also want to make this clear. I don’t want your money. I want to help you sell books. I want to sell more books. I want to use the skills I have to best serve the other members of the council, in exchange for promotion, legitimacy and audience sharing. If you want these things as well and you’re willing to spend two hours of your time each week trading support for support.

Then let’s work together.

Send these to anyone author you know might be interested.

With Love,


You can reach me on Twitter at @HppoTweeter

I-601 plea to allow my wife to stay in the USA, Work in progress.

I must write a letter to the immigration officer explaining that if my wife is removed from the country it will cause me “great and extreme” hardship. In order for her to attain a waiver for failing to meet an immigration requirement. This is what I have so far:



To you, the civil officer with sole discretion of my future and current well-being,

This is the most important letter I may ever write. More than simply stating the truth that “if my wife, Lalita, is deported my life, destiny, and trust in America will be irrevocably burdened”. More than that I must provide evidence of my claim, pray that the sway of your heart is soft, that you are in generally high spirits, and that a hundred other factors, of which I have no control or even ability to fathom, align today for a favorable verdict. Even the sting of a paper-cut or the hunger pangs from your upcoming lunch could force my plea on deaf ears. So it is with tears streaming that I write this, filled with hope that you’ve been of good spirits, satisfied with hot beverage and hearty food, with a heart overflowing with love and grace. My happiness, safety, and future depends as much on the facts of my case as it does on how well your disposition sits today.

Economically I will be ruined, if this waiver is not approved.

Lalita and I are in process of buying our first home, we have put our earnest money down and construction will be finished around may of 2020. Her income goes primarily to rent our apartment rent, which I will be unable to maintain along with my current level of debt, on my income alone. Without her I will be forced to sell everything we’ve worked for, file for bankruptcy, and hope that I can prevent homelessness and hunger on my income alone. At this point though with our savings depleted and the cost of living maintaining a life in Colorado very high, that even after bankruptcy, forfeiture of our future home, I will need to relocate and depend on the kindness of my friends and family so that I will be able to work and save money to follow my wife back to her homeland and live there. If I work six days a week, am fortunate enough to rely on the generosity of my friends for housing, I would be back in her arms in less than six or seven months. I’m not a stranger to hardship, having given four years of distinguished service to the USS Jimmy Carter and If this waiver is denied, understand that while our future in America is over, our future and our love will continue separated by only a momentary hardship no greater than a year.

Emotionally I am quite unsure as to my future, without her ever present in my daily life.

I have not been without Lalita for more than five days, since October of 2014. And it is with an unsteady heart that I even dare imagine, how a separation of months would weight on me. Even if this plea is denied at the very least I will be able to rest a peaceful night’s sleep, for the course of my life will once again be in my hands. It is currently a terrible state for me to imagine a cold bed, life bereft of her warmth and laughter. But while our fate is in limbo and awaiting your decision we will continue to build our family, work our labors, and act as though your decision will be a positive one. If though deportation is the decision, then I will not be the same man I am today. I strive to be the best person I can be for her and work with joy in my heart knowing without doubt that she is there for me as I am for here. And no amount of physical distant would lessen the love that I feel for her or the exercises I take to become better as her husband.

Honestly the writing of the letter has caused more tears and heart ache over the hours and days spent rereading, rewriting, and re-imagining the emptiness my life would be without her smile and kiss, for only just a short period of time as decided by the capabilities of my resources and the willingness of the state to allow for her continued stay.

With humility, anxiety, and grace I await your verdict,

Maxwell C. Stannard

Even if the evidence I’ve provided and my plea is insufficient to be blessed with a positive outcome, I still wish the best for you and understand that there are those with greater needs then me and my wife.


– I would like to keep the letter to a single page and free of dense or abstract prose but I need this to be of the highest quality. And while my skills as a writer improve weekly, my ability to put comma’s and colons where they need be is far from academic levels. Every penny I have is tied up with the purchase of our home and I can not afford legal help with this matter.

– I think the scariest thing is that this isn’t a simple matter of pleading and explaining before a judge our case but that we must do so based on this letter and evidence provided that I will become homeless, possibly depressed, and suffer greatly unless the civil worker who has full authority, and solely by their discretionary judgement decides that we qualify as an exception based on the evidence provide and the convincing argument of this letter.


any and all help would be a great. If this letter does it’s job and tears you up even a little bit. (Writing it sure has caused a drought and itch in my tear ducks). I NEED to know that as well.


Thank you for your time and with love,