I-601 plea to allow my wife to stay in the USA, Work in progress.

I must write a letter to the immigration officer explaining that if my wife is removed from the country it will cause me “great and extreme” hardship. In order for her to attain a waiver for failing to meet an immigration requirement. This is what I have so far:



To you, the civil officer with sole discretion of my future and current well-being,

This is the most important letter I may ever write. More than simply stating the truth that “if my wife, Lalita, is deported my life, destiny, and trust in America will be irrevocably burdened”. More than that I must provide evidence of my claim, pray that the sway of your heart is soft, that you are in generally high spirits, and that a hundred other factors, of which I have no control or even ability to fathom, align today for a favorable verdict. Even the sting of a paper-cut or the hunger pangs from your upcoming lunch could force my plea on deaf ears. So it is with tears streaming that I write this, filled with hope that you’ve been of good spirits, satisfied with hot beverage and hearty food, with a heart overflowing with love and grace. My happiness, safety, and future depends as much on the facts of my case as it does on how well your disposition sits today.

Economically I will be ruined, if this waiver is not approved.

Lalita and I are in process of buying our first home, we have put our earnest money down and construction will be finished around may of 2020. Her income goes primarily to rent our apartment rent, which I will be unable to maintain along with my current level of debt, on my income alone. Without her I will be forced to sell everything we’ve worked for, file for bankruptcy, and hope that I can prevent homelessness and hunger on my income alone. At this point though with our savings depleted and the cost of living maintaining a life in Colorado very high, that even after bankruptcy, forfeiture of our future home, I will need to relocate and depend on the kindness of my friends and family so that I will be able to work and save money to follow my wife back to her homeland and live there. If I work six days a week, am fortunate enough to rely on the generosity of my friends for housing, I would be back in her arms in less than six or seven months. I’m not a stranger to hardship, having given four years of distinguished service to the USS Jimmy Carter and If this waiver is denied, understand that while our future in America is over, our future and our love will continue separated by only a momentary hardship no greater than a year.

Emotionally I am quite unsure as to my future, without her ever present in my daily life.

I have not been without Lalita for more than five days, since October of 2014. And it is with an unsteady heart that I even dare imagine, how a separation of months would weight on me. Even if this plea is denied at the very least I will be able to rest a peaceful night’s sleep, for the course of my life will once again be in my hands. It is currently a terrible state for me to imagine a cold bed, life bereft of her warmth and laughter. But while our fate is in limbo and awaiting your decision we will continue to build our family, work our labors, and act as though your decision will be a positive one. If though deportation is the decision, then I will not be the same man I am today. I strive to be the best person I can be for her and work with joy in my heart knowing without doubt that she is there for me as I am for here. And no amount of physical distant would lessen the love that I feel for her or the exercises I take to become better as her husband.

Honestly the writing of the letter has caused more tears and heart ache over the hours and days spent rereading, rewriting, and re-imagining the emptiness my life would be without her smile and kiss, for only just a short period of time as decided by the capabilities of my resources and the willingness of the state to allow for her continued stay.

With humility, anxiety, and grace I await your verdict,

Maxwell C. Stannard

Even if the evidence I’ve provided and my plea is insufficient to be blessed with a positive outcome, I still wish the best for you and understand that there are those with greater needs then me and my wife.


– I would like to keep the letter to a single page and free of dense or abstract prose but I need this to be of the highest quality. And while my skills as a writer improve weekly, my ability to put comma’s and colons where they need be is far from academic levels. Every penny I have is tied up with the purchase of our home and I can not afford legal help with this matter.

– I think the scariest thing is that this isn’t a simple matter of pleading and explaining before a judge our case but that we must do so based on this letter and evidence provided that I will become homeless, possibly depressed, and suffer greatly unless the civil worker who has full authority, and solely by their discretionary judgement decides that we qualify as an exception based on the evidence provide and the convincing argument of this letter.


any and all help would be a great. If this letter does it’s job and tears you up even a little bit. (Writing it sure has caused a drought and itch in my tear ducks). I NEED to know that as well.


Thank you for your time and with love,


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