The Desire of Hppo

When I say I want to this company to be like Disney I don’t mean I want to make a shit ton of money. I don’t mean that I want to be pervasive in the culture or have a theme park. I mean that I want to cultivate and explore how rich and vibrate and rewarding I can make these worlds, properties, characters into our fans life.

So when I say I want to be like Disney it means that I want to create unique worlds and draft great stories from the lands there in.

Currently I have three universes

First: The Fantasy Fulfillment of The Contractman’s world.

Second: The Advice and Real World theory to practice of Bate and Switch.

Third: The Exploration of Theology and Occult through the Black Belt.

As of today August 31st in the year of our lord twenty eighteen, I am writing the second book in the Contract world.

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