Approaching Projects: Break it down and KISS it

A master of none but Jack of all.

Here is the process I used to create this song.

Step 0: Be inspired enough to put in the work. In this case I was motivated by not working on my novella (similar to this post), as well as not having something creative complete.

Step 1: have a vision of the final product, in this case I knew that I wanted to take the source rant and boil down the 9 minutes into a typical 3-4 minute song.. along the lines of institutionalized-by Suicidal Tendencies. This was my bench mark for a 10/10.

Now that I have the final product in mind it’s a matter of getting the bricks together.

Step 2: I needed a format. How does one construct a song. I could have taken a few courses of music theory and construction either from youtube or skillshare… But I rather just took the song self-esteem by the offspring as a template. Minus the vocal instrumentals– the LA LA, the chorus, and other flare, I took the structure or a Verse 1, Verse 2, Bridge, Verse 3, Bridge.

Step 3: Find the verses in the rant source, then assemble. run a simple base line

Step 4: Put it down for a minute and understand my limitations. I know that it’s not Schmoyoho. This is also the point where I sent it out to get feedback from people who know a thing or two.

Step 5: Master it

Step 6: Write and publish a blog post about it. Now get back to writing from the POV of a bed-ridden, Pyschopathic Teenage girl.

With Love


Bartle’s Taxonomy Through a Hogwarts lens

I’m just going to assume you are familiar with the four houses of Hogwarts.

Bartle’s Taxonomy is a classification of players by what those players want out of the game.

Want to experience something NEW?

You’re an Explorer

Want to make memories with Friends?

You’re a Socializer

Want to get a world first / high score?

You’re an Achiever

Want to dominate?

You’re a Killer

If you see what I’m about to say you can skip this paragraph. Killers are Slytherin, Achievers are Gryffindor, Socializers are Hufflepuff, Explorers are Ravenclaw.

Why then does any of this matter and is a thorn I must pluck from my mind and onto the pages of this unmaintained blog?

Well I was talking with a friend the other day and he said a trope

“There are TWO types of people”

People love binaries I know. That’s not the bother but although I’m a fan of the simplification of DnD alignment system. I find that it is limited to method of an actor rather than motivation of an actor.

But you can use Bartle’s taxonomy to describe the motivation of an actor and when the taxonomy is applied further by categorizing an actors secondary motivation. Now you have a 12 point system.

For example let’s say your motivation is to be the best and to prove it to others…

Now you’re trying to climb the PVP ladder, you’re an Achiever with a secondary motive of being a Killer.

Or perhaps you want to reveal all the secrets in the game to the Wiki…

Now you’re an Explorer with a secondary motive of being a Socializer.

I’ve stated before that if you want to accurately plot which house a character belongs to based on their myers/briggs then best get out your HyperCube.

But using Bartle’s taxonomy with a primary and secondary motive allows for Euclidean diagrams.

Take for instance Hermione and Neville may both be achievers but to IMO, the method by which they are after achievement is by study(exploration). In Neville’s case it is a focused mastery of herbology and in Hermione’s case it is a broad understanding of subjects related directly with academic achievement.

The Weasleys seem to value improving the strength of interpersonal bonds. Making them secondary Hufflepuffs. Yet, since they are putting effort their friendships the friendships would still be the Achievement that allows for proper sorting.

So yes Merula Snyde may be out to dominate you. But how will be determined by her secondary motivation..

With love,


Why does Populism lack power to forgive students?

It feels like everyone because it’s been framed as a pincer move.

Where those above and below you are against you.

First assumptions is that there are two parties at play.

A) Those who meritocratic hillbillies, who inherited their step-father’s trailer and don’t need no fancy city schooling.

B) Those who choose successful careers in finance, law, and engineering where they get to work side by side with their frat brothers.

Truth is that neither of these coalitions has the power to change the policy of debt traps and educational promises.

Those with the power to change student debt, have the capital that makes student debt irrelevant to them.

Therefore they are not actively concerned with the debt.Those who profit from increases in school cost, Administration and Endowment managers, get paid first and so they are actually on the side of canceling or forgiveness.

At least in speech.. but rarely in action.Corporate benefits from educated professionals reduced negotiation power and high obligation.

This is a case of when EVERYONE actually means on the 10% of people that have the power to matter.

When the taxes on grain become too high, the peasantry starts hunting game and trading in pelts rather than gold.

With love,


Retail SPACs Versus Private Equity

SPACs or Special Purpose Acquisition Company are becoming more prevalent

Currently this is not a direct threat to private equity firms… currently.

The Prince states that a Prophet without an army is unable to spread his reign.

It’s my hope that soon the SPAC will become a tool for the Retail investor and worker.

How? and Why?

While on the surface a SPAC is just a publicly traded company that is using it’s ability to be publicly traded to leverage it’s limited initial cash investments in order to acquire a controlling stake in one or more companies.

on the surface they operate like a private equity firm, however when you place your funds into a private equity firm you don’t have agency over where your funds are directed. No dear, that is the responsibility of the firms managers, who will return profits to you after they take their cuts. It’s a good business so long as business is good.

Deeper though members of a SPAC are still individual share holders and therefore they are afforded the rights of shareholders as stipulated by the SPAC, or they can divest their holdings onto the market once they believe the SPAC has lost it’s way.

This means that individuals who make up a SPAC can exert a force multiplier for change.

If you wanted to have enough influence over Walmart to raise the wages and conditions of workers, you would simply need about 20% of the companies shares. (while if you wanted to be King of Walmart you need 51%, but with 20% your voice would be loud and disruptive enough that concessions would be made to appease you)

So you need 20% which as of today is just $72 BILLION, have a look under you couch cushions you may find enough cash to change the world.

But a SPAC could leverage this amount of money

take the example of Churchill Capital V, they are a SPAC that was formed with the intent on purchasing a stake within a single company. They started 2021 out a s $5 billion dollar blank check firm, but when the rumors started to spread that they were looking into an Electric vehicle company, whose stock was valued much higher than their $32 versus their $8. the price of this SPACs stock rallied to a height of $30 and settled at $24ish. Assuming that the $8 share price was a reflection of the cash reserve of the SPAC that means that after the rally they could borrow against their own equity another $10billion. So when Capital V didn’t close the deal again they now had the leverage to look at bigger targets with a $15 Billion dollar budget. And so the rumors spread again they were looking at company X, Y, and Z now the SPAC share price rose as high as $60 or $37 Billion in buying leverage.

So that is how with a SPAC a takeover of Walmart is possible.

I hope by now you’re thinking that by raising workers wages and conditions this will be suicide for the Walmart shares that were purchased with the SPAC, which would then drop the SPAC value.

Honestly I hope you’re correct. Then the puts purchased by the owners of the SPAC pay off covering the value captured by the SPACs stake within the company.

People keep talking about unions like a union is going to solve their problems. Well unless that union is going to use the tools of the Market like a SPAC then just as any organization it exists only to perpetuate itself.

The Revolution will be blood less

With love,


The Machine Vs. r/Wallstreetbets

As of writing this GME stock sits at $310 per share.

Disclaimer I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice!

This is not a summary of the events currently playing out or the about the motives behind the main players (the short sellers and retail investors).

This is simply a side note and a question

Who did the short sellers upset?

Distribution of information is as clear as the rules of time travel in Doctor Who but there are some basics that are easy to understand

Millennials and Gen Z occupy Reddit / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

Gen X and Boomers rely on Cable and Broadcast

The Silent Gen read print

This is only in relation to the market players Facebook is not here because it is not relevant to the GME info distribution

This started out as a relatively small fight between r/WallStreetBets and Citron. I first started following this when Youtube recommended a video on sunday, right before I went to sleep and then work

After work, I was recommend a few more stock related videos, about the details of a short squeeze and general CNBC. That is why when CNBC decided to drop Wallstreetbets by name into their program that clip was recomended to me as well.

I am not omniscient, and like you receive my information as it is recommend. And while Al-Gore’s-Rythm is not perfect in finding exactly what I would like to pay attention, it’s mechanical gatekeeper is receptive to feedback and doesn’t have the same problems that a person would have.

That is why I have been pondering exactly why CNBC mentioned by name the subreddit WallStreetBets. This was deliberate. GEN X is not shy of venturing over to reddit and diving deeper into the players mindset behind this market trend. Which is exactly why GME soared to over $150 on Monday, which provoked Citron to take a $2bn loan to cover there shorts. News of that transfer further stoked the flames Tuesday saw prices above $250. Right NOW it’s $310.

Before the CNBC segment, there was a decision to use the name WallStreetBets. Now the Youtuber I watched covering the situation wouldn’t have thought twice, WallStreetBets is a good key word for the Rythm. However, Al Gore’s Rythm was likely not the reason behind using the name. I don’t know the reason, I do know that if that name hadn’t been spoken and instead the conversation between the analysts focused around Robinhood traders, Memelords, and Rediitors in general then traffic to WallStreetBets would not have resulted in a 500k increase to the Sub. As well as Tweet from Elon Musk “Stonks”.

The CNBC gatekeeper whether directed to or ignorant of causing this market fluctuation, is the single point change to the system.

GME rockets had been spreading organically for months through organic means and would likely have never gotten over $90. CNBC exposed Gen X and their capital to the fight.

Thank you Gen X for joining the Fray.

Thank you CNBC Gatekeeper for your role.

The following is an unrelated and fictional speculation.

Lemon Capital has been earning an average of 30% returns for about 6 years. Every year they have attracted bigger and bigger money to their firm compared to the poultry returns of 7-17% of other money management firms. Every year they short stock and it pays out more often than not. Every year though they short Rocketman’s stonk. Every year they’ve been wrong. Rocketman from Gen X doesn’t have much else besides a need to prove them wrong. Silent Gen Capital sees an opportunity to protect their firms by Bankrupting Lemon Capital. Silent Gen didn’t create the opportunity, that was some stimulus check cashing degenerates. but without Silent Gen’s nod of approval the rocket would never have launched.

Lemon Capital is going to be squeezed dry, Zoomers and eX’s will be left either holding the bag of cash or an empty haul. Silent Gen will have restored investors faith in their firms that anything greater than 6% is good enough.

The story of David verse Golaith, was always in David’s favor. But the real winner was the King of Isreal miles from the battlefield, whose assets were secured and multiplied.

With Love,


To Rawkus

Alright I said I would write up a piece for you. Here it is.

There are three patterns I have observed in what I would consider commercially viable independent music. Ear-worms, The Rising Pause, and of coarse semantic satiation.

I’ll cover how exactly to spot and replicate a Rising Pause.

It’s rather hard to explain since I don’t have the proper musical notation to simply say

And while that is the example of a Rising Pause. The only problem is I don’t think it does justice to become the next big streaming sensation

Essentially a Rising Pause is a chord progression where the logical end of the progression is delayed just enough to have created an anticipation of the note, when supplied that note after a rest or pause

Take a good listen to these three compositions.


Kevin Mchale


Sutherland uses static inside his rests, then a Wah-wuh

Kevin Mchale pauses are really only noticeable when the track fades to let his vocals which preform the rising pause, but there is silence and rest in the instrumentals, the pace is rather high and it’s not that noticeable.

The Kongos change which instrument is preforming the Rising Pause. First drums, then accordion, synth board, clapping.

In contrast to a few selections from the 90s


The Killers

Which keep a consistent rhythm, Also note that the music video’s were for MTV and as such there is excess to the song so it can be cut for short, or full-length play, whereas the dead air in Sutherland and Kevin Mchale provide a rest for the listener before the loop begins anew.

I think that commercially on of the most important aspects is the rising pause. I think that it creates an immediate anticipation in the listener since it establishes a pattern and then delays the reward or conclusion of that pattern by a beat or an interjection.

And while I call it a pause it’s not silence, there are other instruments and chords being played but the most forward is setting up the pause and delivering.

Alright this has taken up 2 hours, another 2 to you tab

now enjoy something a little more popular

or perhaps you’d enjoy a song so popular it’s already on the grocery store playlist

Not all music requires the Rising Puase

but 1:25 of this song is the clearest puase I’ve heard in a while

The point as stated before is to create anticipation in the listener and then draw out that anticipation before rewarding it. Rewards are dopamine, and dopamine is the drug of choice now a days.

Let me know if this is clear

With Love,


stranger dangers and space rangers, Imposter syndrome X-cept legit

I pissed myself. Straight up my shirt, morning wood.. ya know.

Okay so it was like this. You ever get that feeling that something just ain’t quiet right. You’re morning alarm is just a few minutes off. Like you’re totally awake, check your phone and your alarm isn’t due for another three minutes. It’s just that off feeling. Like some elves or goblins snuck into your house and moved all your furniture a quarter of an inch to the left. Like totally not enough that you’d stub your toe but just enough that you know it’s wrong.

I told myself “I’m just waking up don’t bother with it. Get to the bathroom. Crank down your dick and piss away the pain.”

Well, I leave the bedroom and there’s an ass hanging out my fridge. Dash those hopes, it was a man. I’m like totes in the middle of a morning burgle. I think I groaned or the floorboards groaned, I didn’t know if I’d be kicking out a crack head or what.

“Ah, I see you’re finally awake.” The dude said as he poped up out of the fridge, with the sub I bought for lunch.

I gave him the secret code. “Hello There?”

“Admiral Kenobi!”

No that’s not the weirdest part. Man my brain was melting, I tell ya, so. So he had my face and my body. Yeah like he got the code wrong memer, but he actually didn’t. Yes though as I was saying, He was me. Like a mirror or a clone, but fracker he was rude. So he wasn’t me.

Oh yeah, right!

So after he saw the look of horror on my face for getting the code wrong he drew a gun on me. My gun, He pointed. I would of grabbed my machete or dashed charged him and gouged out his eyes, maybe take a shot to my spare kidney but memer ya’know your boy no one fucks with ya boy. But, well, but, no memer I pissed myself straight up my nips. UGH!#! Black kraken pisses like a tar vinegar. I almost threw up. My throat clenched and my nuts tingled. I think I might have a thing for danger, IDK.

Well He explains this whole Admiral business, and um well He told me like he was me but not from this timeline and like I’m not from this timeline either. Shit, he was pretty clear that it was important and he went over it twice. I wouldn’t have, explained half the shit he did, so he totally wasn’t actually ya boy.

Oh fuck, I just realized your not my memer. I mean since I’m in a different timeline, I’m not even ya boy. I’m like ya boy. But I’m not like my rude space time cop. So I’m totes probably not like Your boy.

Fuck I’m like all alone, stranger dangers and space rangers,

I’m like pretending to be this places me, Imposter syndrome X-cept legit

Maybe we can be new friends ?!?

could I call you memer-2 or something though I couldn’t even keep my two high school friends Josh straight. Yeah likes one was gay but the other was a chick. Didn’t help know one they had the same taste in boyfriends either.

So memer+ friends?

you can call me MC(prime)

A room of yellow walls

Quantum computing will not work. (yet)

Quantum computing is attempting to alter the hardware running the simulation by altering the software

within reality as we know it, there exist quantum bits, which unlike binary switches are neither 0 or 1 / on or off, but exist on a probability spectrum of positive and negative or 0 and 1 / on or off

current attempts at creating a quantum computer which would be able to harass superior mathematical processing power of dual position switches need massive coolers to reduce the and lock the movement of the quantum bits into specific entanglements.

The reason why these computers require massive energy for successful construction is that the energy being generated by the particulars used for calculation, is also why these bits are more powerful than silicon switches. They exist and function on more planes than the silicon switch. Silicon switches have limited interaction with heat and magnetism, but these too would cease to function as intended under extreme conditions. Extreme conditions for the quantum switches is normal conditions of reality

It is my current understanding that quantum computing would require more energy than it would produce in effectiveness of it’s superior calculating ability.

However if these bits were being operating from outside of reality then the properties from inside reality would have a lower degree of affect on the results and position of the quantum switch,

we won’t master quantum computing until we can master not only the bi-directional spin, but the four (possibly more) dimensions of influence that heat, light, and observation have on the position.

If someone invented a three position switch 0, 1, 2, or on, off, other, all computing language would have to re-written but the results of processing would be squared or greater.

I think that current attempts at quantum computing are flawed in that they are essentially binding a multi-positional bit to a two position switch, rather than adapting the mathematical code for the 3 to 4 position switch which we can currently produce through control of temperature.

with love,


To Z keep your chin up

Here’s what I think happened…

First here are my assumptions, if they are incorrect
Then this analysis is incorrect
No 1 you have less than 3 hours a week of a dedicated work period
In which I mean you have the requisite 20 min wind, and a period of no less than 30min
No 2 you have huge pockets of 5 minutes sprinkled throughout your week,
Which while effective for communication, ineffective for deep work
No 3 you do not seek direct help
Idk if its pride or not wanting to bother people but it is my impression that you brute force your works
And then if they do not work out you burn out, step back and grow very little experience wise
No 4 you accept the lowest and simplist explanation

So here’s what I saw with your land grab campaign,

You started it on a whim, awhile secretly tending your expectations that it would just be
A success, you asked people to give and some did but no where near enough traction or virality
Took off, people did what they could but you know a lot of people held back
And we both know that hurts

I think the primary reason for the land grab failure was actually a marketing and organization

Oil companies pay billions less in taxes Because they spend millions lobbying congress

I don’t think you spent any money on advertising the campaign
I don’t think you had a team of people willing to contact or use their dedicated time
To give you solutions
Otherwise, you may have incorporated as a 501(3)c to make donations tax deductible, then reached out to relevant influencers with the pagan space

Your whim was a HUGE project and you overestimated virality amd the reach of your social network

We only see the show, not the rehearsal
Watch the 100 meter dash takes 5 minutes or less of the Olympic broadcast
But those sprinters have been training for years just to qualify

You and I are practically JV team compared to who and what we are competing with for the attention and resources of others (even our friends and families)

Another solution that might have been worth pursuing would be federal grants … just a thought

I see this in your videos as well, you need to spend the cash to fix the audio, its 2020 not 2002
People expect better

As the bare minimum

Much love

There are THREE types of labour

Physical, Mental, Emotional

The trinity

I’m on quite a kick, trying to philosphize whether or not we choose to be born.

Stuck in the middle between the joker and a clown,

I’ve heard the arguments

“I didn’t choose to be born.”

“How could you bring a child into this?”

but what if you did choose to be born?

What if you had a choice to be right here, right now?

What would that mean?

I’m exploring this line of thought and it’s changing everything

If I accept that from before I formed my first “flesh” memory, I existed

AND I chose this “flesh mech”

(Like a character creator in any mmo)

then I …. I am responsible for everything

but if I did not chose this then well I’m not responsible

What does this mean?

A.) I can change the world, I chose this

B.) I am a victim of the circumstance of my birth

I know it’s not black and white

but it leans towards TRUE.

Yes I choose this body, this flesh, this star sign, this DNA, this synaptic structure

I chose to be in pain right now

I chose a flesh mech without participation to emotional processing

THERE ARE THREE types of labour


Moving mountains by strength and force of will


Engineering the best way to move that montain


every blade of grass

whose hope was to grow high enough to seed another generation,

every tree

who planted roots in the hillside

every pebble

that enjoys the sun, shade, and it’s place on the mountain


is the force against the hopes of others

Pyshopaths are detached from their emotions and others

for my mech,

well it’s an exposed nerve

I feel for the trees, the plants, the bugs

inaminate, animate

all are one in the end


Emotional labour


to sympathize with

to empathize with

is the heaviest stone for me to lift

I feel it all

no alchol can numb the pain

no drug can fix the design


I chose this mech







This is not my soul’s first pass through this game

called LIFE

It is my current ambition that it is my last

and that my wife comes with me into the after (beyond) ife

where we both rejoin the source.

Please support

please question