Accidental Branding Genius of Harry Potter’s Houses.

As a member of the House of Raven-claw is nature to analyze, study, and apply logic to solve the mysteries of existence.


These questions seed in my brain like thorns of the prickle-berry bushes, so small an yet if I just give them a little attention and love they can bloom large enough to bear fruit.

Today’s question is why after 28 years are there still people dedicated to their fictional houses of a wizarding school?

The answer is Carl Jung.

Jung’s most notable and unattributed contribution to clinical psychology was the terming of “Introverts” and “Extroverts” but that’s not the reason why Jung’s work is taught in university.

Carl Jung also categorized the four archetypes of personalities. A personality for each Hogwarts House.

Jung identified them as Thinking, Feeling, Intuitive, and Sensation.

Literary scholars who favor Joseph Campbell will teach a modified version of these for archetypes. They named these four the King, Magician, Warrior, and Lover.

Rowling by coincidence or educational Osmosis calls these types

Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin.

I’d like to show on graphic where the borders of each house sit, but I can’t visually plot a 4 dimensional graph.

It’s not as simple as the Introvert/Extrovert number lined range from 1 to 10.

The Jung types would be coordinates in 4 dimensional space

X = Thinking

Y = Feeling

Z = Sensation

W = Intuitive

Each Hogwarts house would occupy a quarter of this tesseract chart.


Why is this branding genius?

There is a Hogwarts house for everyone and as such displaying your house whether you’re a Hufflepuff Queen on Tumblr, a Ravenclaw Redditor, a 4 channing Slytherin, Or a Tik-Toking Gryffindor is an impression for the Brand of Harry Potter.

We live in the attention economy where impressions matter. You can’t buy the amount of brand power that Hogwarts sorting hat has and it can’t be Usurped in market share as a categorization tool.

As long as Harry Potter is “Scholastic”-ly popular the Hogwarts House’s will continue to be the standard of sorting people by their Jungian personality types.

Now while I and you can’t put

Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff

Into our own original works

without violating copy-write.

We can use the colors schemes and patroni pendants as a short cut/ signal flare to Potter-heads or culturally informed readers (even being remotely aware of the House’s gives these nudges).

To prove that branding has power

Pause for a moment

Refresh for mind


Fill in the blank…

Have a taste of a nice refreshing (—-1—)


pop a can of (—2—)

put on a pair of (—3—) and just do it.

Head to the (—4—) and pick one up today.

You answered each of these not with a generic object or noun. But with a specific brand name company.

That is the power of branding. It’s in your mind, It’s a shortcut, and It’s a tool.

🙂 (:

Thanks for reading, I hope this was of value.

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To Dabble or Hack

The Dabbler, the Hacker

In the book Mastery by George Leonard he describes three types of people who will never become “masters” and there fatal flaw as to why. Of these three types two apply personally to me, The Dabbler and the Hacker.

The Dabbler dabbles from one path to another, excited initially at the prospect of mastering a new field, discovering and overcoming new challenges. But when the path becomes a long stretch without any progress, the Dabbler will find a new trail to blaze. The Dabbler’s mastery is an inch deep and a mile wide.

The Hacker cuts quickly through the thicket of initial barriers of a path. They find the solutions they need to solve the most common problems they face in that field and once they have mastered enough solutions they declare themselves a master and progress no further on the path to becoming a master. If the Hacker has achieved a level of skill they are satisfied with they no longer seek improvement. Improvement is change. Change is admission of imperfection.

“To learn is to change. Education, whether it involves books, body, or behavior, is a process that changes the learner.”

-George Leonard

The most terrifying thing about this is not that I will be bad for a long time.

That is a given.

No, it is that I am announcing my intentions and goals here.

Goals which will define my success or failure with this endeavor.

Goals which I may never reach and will likely fail at.

But without attempting to reach these goals

The odds of me reaching my goal of raising young men’s literacy rates is low.

This feels like a dabble which I’ve worked hard to start avoiding,

(evidenced by my pushing past the Valve limited of 3)

And what’s worse is I don’t even have the safety of having Hacked enough skills in the space to feign confidence.

I’m a fish out of water here and I’ll either grow legs and lungs or flop till my time expires.

See you there,

With Love,


Horror Writing.

H.P. Lovecraft started his writing process by defining the emotion he was going after. Then drafting until he would illicit that feeling his readers. But H.P. Was a heavy plotter.

Stephen King started with a concept and built around it until it was horrifying. And if he failed in giving the scene the sense of horror intended he would go to the extremes of gross to make the scene at least uncomfortable giving it a more horrifying weight in the readers memory as they would be unnerved to recall such passages. Mr. King was a pantser and started with a concept and characters then followed them through the plot as needed to write his book.

I think that when telling a horror story whether on film or the page. You should at least keep in mind the types of and stages of horror.

Unknown, Uncanny, Unstoppable

are at least three of the most common.


is the easiest to do right because it is the most commonly done wrong. Darkness itself is not scary, it’s when we can see or hear or feel the edges of what lies in the darkness that begins to press the panic button. It’s when a shadow’s fold over themselves in the corner of the room to make the outline of death himself patiently waiting without breathe for your eyes to close here in this world be you are claimed to his. It’s the darkness of space where stars no longer grow but the eyes see a tint of something else blocking the depths from truly being seen. It’s the shifting at the bottom of a lake, past the searcher’s reflection and the clear sky waters that refuse to let the Autumn clouds above take shape as easily as they do in the sky because something is disturbing the water’s hold on them.

When starting with the Unknown each time it appears it must become more defined, otherwise the subject will place their guard between the satisfaction of knowing and the terror of finding out. The most common mistake is going from 10% reveal to 100% reveal before the third act. The audience expects to find out slowly, manage their expectations against the needs of your story.


Friday the 13th

IT by Stephan King


is when something is not quite right. I’d venture that in cinematography this is used by accident and because of form rather than by a deliberate attempt to unnerve the audience.

The best examples are often dolls, painting, ghosts because they are so common and illicit uncanny speculation since they are suppose to fit within a box but changing small details between scenes or in scenes makes them uncanny.

Inanimate objects that move when the viewer isn’t viewing them directly create the start of uncanny horror. “Julee, now three, was about to have her baby sister sharing her room. The sweetest and nicest child according to the neighborhood girls who babysat on our monthly night out. We had set up the crib in the space that was formerly her “High” tea area, where she held here tea parties, passively she may have been throwing us signs that she was upset but she was very outspoken and happy. All the dolls and animals that she gathered around her table were now leaning up against as the wall as if in time-out, all except her porcelain kamacha doll her favorite. She would sit on the edge of Julee’s bed watching the other dolls. Julee was nothing but happy when we talked about her sister coming out of my belly and home soon.”

Ghosts are often given descriptions and visages that would make them human but one detail is wrong. “It may have been they open window but the temperature had fallen and the room was now cold enough to start my shivers. Even over a boiling pot of stew I feel a draft when she walks in the room. Except for a floorboard creak her feet never fall hard enough to hit the ground with sound. “AS A Lady should..” god I’ll be hearing that for the rest of my living days.”

You can start on either side of the Uncanny valley but you must slowly move away from your starting position to build a sense of progression. Dolls with dead eyes and human hair must become moving, talking, demons with soft flesh beating under their immobile outer shell. Ghosts can start as whispers and wind and become the outstretched hand clutching at it’s victim with intend to drag them through the looking glass OR Ghosts can start as people who drift further from humanity as the story unfolds, giving up breathe by never moving their chest, staring off into thought for inhuman stretches, translucency, transparency, incorporeal. The longer something remains in the exact definition as it’s starting point the more familiar that thing becomes and fear begins to remove itself.


is the pretty clear as in being self defined BUT it does not mean indestructible. There must be hope however small that it can be stopped removing that hope creates certainty and certainty is the enemy of horror. If your monster has eaten a grenade explosion and hasn’t even lost a tooth then his immortality is certain.

A cockroach can be crushed and defeated, a thousand is a challenge, a million is a certainty.

A lumbering zombie can be outsmarted, outmaneuvered, or defeated with brawn. You can out run a zombie but you can’t run forever and while you rest your fragile warm body more gather outside waiting for you meet another demand be it food or fresh air.

Death will come for you. The hope is not today or until the end of your earthly works but that is never a guarantee. You have illusion and hope that your choices have some impact on whether he knocks tomorrow or sixty years from now, eat healthy, avoid stress, go to the doctor all of these are well and good but they do not still the reapers hand forever.

I just want to wrap this up with how Friday the 13th uses all three of these to great effect. But when watching a good example its hard to see why it is good. As an artist you’ll learn more/faster from the mistakes you make and the mistakes of others than from works without mistakes.

With love and hopefully better dreams than me,


Manufacturing Credibility

Credibility is defined as the quality of being trusted and believed in.

But it is not the same as being true.

Who is more credible on the subject of writing?

The college professor who has published in scholarly journals


The New York Times best selling author

The rational would say that it depends on the advice or the subject. The emotional will indicate that it depends on their proximity and relationship to the subject.

R: The professor specializes in Russian Long form and Eastern European poetry, so as long as that is the realm we are discussing then they are more credible than The NYT bestseller H.K. Rowling but on the subject of YA or scholastic fiction Rowling’s is the more creditable source.

E: I loved the Harry Potter books and they inspired my own journey into writing fan fiction then novels, H.K. Rowling’s is the more creditable source. But my teacher has shown me the finer points of the finer technical points of long form novels even if they were written by some Russian ages ago.

The answer I’ve been trying to find is just how does one manufacture “Credibility”

I know it’s been done before and I’ve seen it done a few different ways.

The first is


or friend of a friend

the poem “Ozymandias”, Plato’s description of the fall of Atlantis, Star Wars’ opening crawl.

Each use this with great effect to provide a creditable foundation.

It is thought (incorrectly) that because a story is removed by time, space, and even told third hand that it becomes less creditable but there is a blind spot in our psyche’s in the factor of three.

“I met a traveler(1) from an antique land(2).

Who said(3):…”


In Plato’s Dialogues Plato(1) writes that Socrates(2) called three men to meet him. Socrates(2) asked the men about Atlantis Critias(3,) told them of a story he heard from his grandfather(1A) who heard from the lawgiver Solon(2A) who brought tales from Egypt(3A) about Atlantis.

Plato uses the FOAF technique twice. First to give himself credibility (that this meeting happened and these things were said) then again to give the speaker Critias credibility (that the city/country of Atlantis was indeed a real place).

For the rational this is too far removed to be trusted, but for the emotional with ties/respect for Socrates this is only one use of FOAF and likely creditable.

And of course Star Wars opens with

“A long(1) time ago in a galaxy far(2), far(3) away.”

Each modifier here adds distance and with FOAF gives enough credibility to narrative about to crawl across the screen before the star destroyer appears.

Now of course it’s just a fairy tale nod.

“Once upon a time(1), in a kingdom far(2), far(3) away.”

but with less modifiers the story’s required suspension of disbelief is at jeopardy from over scrutiny of the audience. With more modifiers like Plato’s Dialogues the relevance to the target is called into question and the information can be judged objectively on it’s merits.

“A long(1), long(2), like really long(3) time ago, in a far(4) away place, like further(5) than you’ve ever been before in your life far(6).”

This preface will be ignored and the story will have to stand on it’s own merits


“A while(1) back, a few(2) towns from here.”

This story can be investigated. It’s too recent and too close someone else would need to corroborate that the story is true.

The Second Method of manufacturing creditably is through association. This is target specific and what gives you credibility with one group may make you worth skepticism from another.

Is the Professor from Oxford, Harvard, Yale, the ivy league, Any-town College, or Community College.

Those I’ve met who’ve topped out at a High School diploma provide less credibility the higher up the Academic ladder of Prestige one has climbed. But for those with less than a High School Diploma or more the higher up on Mount Olympus one has climbed and degrees authority from the more credible they are.

Is the best selling author recognized by the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Goodreads, or Amazon.

The NYT list is a curated list and lends itself to a higher amount of credibility to those outside the publishing industry. Publishers Weekly list is mostly data driven and objective but there are clear cases of advertisers (cough Disney, big 5) consistently placing high even when there numbers may* not be reflected by Amazon’s sales numbers of the same titles. But Amazon has many different categories and in order to have a best seller author’s may have in the past incorrectly categorized their works and personally bought just a dozen copies to claim the top spot and become a number one best seller. Which is why it ranks lowest in credibility even if the top spot was truly earned for a hard category like Fantasy or Romance, it’s impossible to tell those Amazon bestsellers from Fictional Johnny who listed his fantasy novel under Contemporary Fiction.


Amazon is currently testing Amazon Author Rank as a replacement for their individual category best selling lists. Which means that going forward if the system will be much harder to game but the damage to their reputation will be persistent. This is a good thing for Amazon’s reputation but a bad thing for upcoming Authors who are now competing in the back pages of for potential readers attention. It means that J.K. Rowling will be the Most Popular Fantasy Author even if she never writes another book in here life. Her work will rank at the top spot for decades to come because if this is how readers are introduced to the fantasy section they may just start from the top and give her eight points over her nearest competitor. Sad times really as independent authors job to get notice just got much harder.

-Aside over-

The last method I’ve found is introduction and vouching.

“Have you met my friend Jane she is a classically trained Pianist.”

Now it doesn’t matter if any of that is true. It doesn’t matter if my and the Target are friends. All that matters is someone has vouched for Jane and her credibility. Even If I am a known liar and Jane looks disheveled and perhaps homeless. What matters is the Jane’s credibility is TWO v. ONE. And the target’s resistance to the group is all that stands in the way of Jane being the an authority of whether Handel’s Messiah can be played with only the left handle.

This is credibility through group authority. Essentially the more people you have one your side the more credible you are. A tactic of politics, Head cheerleaders, and Ceo’s who have more than one assist in entourage. The more people eyes nodding in agreement the higher the credibility of the speaker.

Did you hire a cameraman to follow you around, How about a whole camera crew.

Those are the method’s I’ve learned about Manufacturing Credibility.


I heard it from a friend of a friend that this is true.

As a Harvard professor: “this is true.”

“Meet Jane she’s an authority on the subject and she says that this is true.”

but none of these are in themselves true though they are highly credible.

With love,


Hppo Blog 2020

“Hindsight is 20/20.”

-fucking duh

One of the fundamental keys to pragmatic philosophy is post analysis of what did an action or course of actions accomplish. Not just did it accomplish what was intended but what else were to affects of the given action.

So let’s look at how this blog preformed in 2019 and 2018.


visitors: 27

views: 43


visitors: 1,224

views: 1,610

likes: 89

comments: 4

Most popular article: Vox Day is a Gamma

Views 849

Likes: 0

Most successful Article Launch: Why your independent comic will not make you rich.

Views during launch week 55

Lifetime: 80

Likes: 0

Most liked article: I have a pattern of breaking myself

Likes: 7

Cost of maintaining website $107/yr

RoI: $0

converts to sales: $0

What I’ve learned about SEO (search engine optimization):

Vox Day is a Gamma is my best preforming post because it appears on the first page of google. Electric Boogaloo also appears on the first page of google.

The Vox Day article leads to more articles about Vox Day’s male hierarchy and while the post has no likes it does lead to a retention (where the user explores the website or additional posts) of about 1 in 7 from an SEO click.

I think with both the VOX Day and Boogaloo posts the reason they rank high in SEO is because they are niche topics but there is not much competition or direct explanation for what exactly people are talking about when they bring these topics up.

Also the terms are hyperspefic

Boogaloo is slang for an outrageous sequal but is used by the An-cap community in America to talk about 1776 two point oh or a second armed revolutionary war. Someone in the depths of 4chan decided to make the change in terms from referring to armed revolution to obfuscate the term. So whenever anyone comes across the term Boogaloo who isn’t in the know they will either disregard the term or search google and not really find a good answer. [Why are people talking about a terrible sequel?] My short story may answer the question. IDK but it’s my best guest.

Gamma refers to a male behavior type and class. Vox Day is an author/blogger/streamer/etc. While his following is mid-tier 30k subscribers, 2k average live viewers, 7k-10k post live-stream views.

With numbers like that he bans 2-3 people personally per show from participating in chat. Then calls them a gamma. I suspect that is when they search and try to find out what he was talking about. Also I got a comment relating as much.

This article receives about ten hits per week.

I wish I had a little more information like time spent on page or scrolling of user to see if the article is being read or not. But because it does roughly lead to an exploration every seven visits, I can only assume it’s being read once per seven views.

I think the take away here specifically about SEO is that definitions of slang and articles about influencers have a high chance of ranking high.

But that chasing or designing content to hit these things will still yield a terrible RoI.

What I’ve learned about twitter and reddit

Most successful Article Launch: Why your independent comic will not make you rich.

This was the most successful launch because I really built this article to both say nice things about the subject, make critiques, and include a lot of links to relevant things. But by @ing the subject on twitter. I think that @ drove his close social network to discuss the article amongst themselves.

The subReddit r/comicbooks pushed another thirty viewers to the article. But there was either no data or no interaction with embed hyperlinks, which makes engagement a difficult metric. But RoI and sales were still Zero.

What I’ve learned about engagement and likes

I think that WordPress has a high (Perceived) barrier to get people to sign up and engage on posts. Which means that only other bloggers and people pushing their presence on WordPress are likely to engage on a post, but that engagement does not lead to exploration as the WordPress readers just go back to their feed to read and like another article or post before finally getting around to their work.

Why this year held much higher views and traffic.

I don’t think that WordPress is a good place to push my books and I am still very focused on building a decent RoI in the form of a back catalog of Quality content. My first two books are garbage but My third book at .99cent is good value and will (should) drive sales of four or more post issue three quality at a price point of $10 eBook $15 paperback on amazon. For a total return of $32 per reader captured or satisfied with my .99cent offer.

Which could make writing a full-time job at 1,000 captures

My hope is for 10,000 captures so that I can hire full time writers / editors / marketers and launch a pulp press studio. To produce a new episode of ContractMan per month.

Going Forward

I use these blogs as a start to my writing week. They work well for this purpose. I write better having already accomplished something. In December I tried writing a blog post every day for a little bit but I didn’t find that helpful. I think I will continue to write one to two posts a week this year and keep it just for me.

I don’t want to spend time making my posts beautiful, it takes too much away from building my back catalog. I would like to have a better looking home page that directs more people to read samples of my books but until I have someone who is willing to help me with that I won’t be spending energy there.

I also would like to have some sort of index for the categorizing of my articles. I think it will be useful in the future. But right now not worth the time investment. I still have to finish 120,000 words before to June to meet my book quota.

Well Good in 2020

with love,


Oh and future 2021 don’t beat yourself up you tried Semper Optima. And this year you’ll do even better.

Don’t get rich quick, spending all your money on GET RICH QUICK shit

Dear Joshua,

I hope you read this, I’m not going to e-mail you or even tell you about this post. Because of our relationship and how well I know you, and that despite the thousands of dollars you’ve spent on programs from:

Miracle Morning


James Goggins

You won’t read these post.

Because you don’t value my opinion.

And until I make my first million, you never will.

It’s not because I’m 6 years your younger.

Or that we work the same job.

It’s because you only respect arguments from “authority”.

Dear reader,


I hope that you don’t end up like my co-worker, will. He has been buying into “Flipping Systems”, “Motivational seminars”, and “Self-Help on Tape” for over a decade. All while working full-time (45+hrs) in a brutal warehousing industry (Featuring days in the freezer kept at a very untoasty -22F {-30C}).

Each day he grows older, His MS gets worse and he takes out more loans to purchase another year in his “Flipping System” or “Personal Coaching”

It has probably been over two decades since he actually grew any wiser and not just older.

If you’re here reading this you are either

A) a cringe cynic ready for a Laugh.

B) You genuinely think that this may hold the “Secret” that’s been holding you back.

                  1. you’re DirtySciFiBuddha or J.R.

The Secret:

It was you all along. You just didn’t actually follow the system. If you had you’ve have a million dollars and a Yacht. Take a look at Todd over there, He followed the system he worked hard. Now he’s working only a few hours a week collecting rent from his tenants. Why, he’ll be a millionaire in less than a year. I guess you JUST didn’t want it hard enough.

The Truth:

It was you but it was also me. I don’t give a fuck whether you spend you’re last dime on my program. I know out of every thousand people who buy into the level you’re at only five will actually make their money back and even less than that make a million dollars.

I know that you are going to quite. And the best part is you are going to blame yourself. After all my program works. That’s why I’m a millionaire and you’re not because you didn’t work hard enough.

The Parable:

A faith healer stands over the corpse of an emaciated child.

“I’m sorry Miss Jones, Timmy’s faith was just not strong enough to over come his cancer. There is only so much my gift can do.”

I’ve read the 4 hour work week cover to cover, bought Tools of Titans/Tribe of Mentors, and a copy of the 4 hour body. Only after having listened to the Tim Ferris podcast for over 300 hrs for free.

99.9% of any advice is available for free, if you know where to look or get lucky searching for it. But here is the cognitive problem with free.


Means inferior quality to the status conscience.

I mean the Miracle Morning was on the new york times best selling list. If memory serves, it hit the best seller list in the business category in 2015 four months after publish and only for a week. -Allegedly this is achievable by buying roughly 500 copies of the $25 book for yourself. Not an impressive feat but forever you’ll have the authority of being a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR. –

Remind yourself

If this guy can figure out the “Secret” I can too.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


There never will be a single “The Secret”

Their is however your “Secret”

Joshua’s “Secret” is that he would rather work warehouse than make sales calls.

His program leader’s “Secret” is that he doesn’t care if Joshua actually uses his system as long as he keeps paying the bill.

The last “Secret” I discovered about me is that

While I can fire off a rocking blog post like this in the TWO hours I spend writing after work, It’s not helping with my WIP. And It won’t help Joshua either.

The last “Secret” I’ve learned about my enemy is that they are weaker than estimated. I’ve given too much in the way of caution, where I could have been in the midst of an assault.

What’s the last “Secret” you’ve learned?

And how are you going to use this new found knowledge?

Well I have a cycle of 30 minutes left and I’m going to try to write a despairing body horror opening to my WIP for the third time this week.

With Love,


My advice is always free, sometimes wrong, and comes from a genuine place of care.

How to Have a Successful Self-Employed Day

Simple: You decide before the day whether it’s going to be a success or not


at the end of the day decide whether or not it was successful.



Truth is it is very hard to judge yourself whether the day was successful. Whatever your field, their will be landmines.

I’ll tell you about mine-field then boil down that experience and hopefully it will help you flip your houses, sell your Amway, or make sweet vapor-wave beats like Fwenzy.

I am a writer, publisher, marketer, manager, blogger, husband, nutrition enthusiast, philosopher, game theorist, mechanic and a video game addict.

I can’t do all of these everyday. There is not enough hours and as little as I sleep, my dreams are filled with workflow processes and Javascripting stacks.

But when I have my “Days off” I have to decide what will make a successful day before I go to bed the night before.

Thurs-Fri are my typical “Days off” ergo these are the days I get to pour hours into my company.

I start with a word count goal typically 2k-3k.

Some days I only get 500 words toward my finished work. Those are sad days but they happen. It’s not that I didn’t try on those days. I spent the time at the computer with Word Open, I went to the gym, I wasn’t too full or too hungry. Typically I painted myself into a corner and sense I write from the hip meaning I do very little plotting, I occasionally run into a scenario where the characters have to solve some challenge but it has to be in a believable way.

I can’t have the honest paladin steal a set of keys to free his friend who got locked up for sleeping with the captain’s daughter. I can’t just magic a solution from the barkeep who happened to be an Ex-mage. The lover can’t just turn her objections into affections because the sex scene would really slip in well here, no the characters have to be true to themselves. Because unlike real life fiction has to make sense.

When you work for yourself you decide whether or not your day was a success. But you need to measure not just yesterday but the day before and the day before that. Each day looking back with the knowledge you have now and evaluating exactly how successful that day was.

This Little Blog

has yielded not a single book sale I’m aware of. So is it worth maintaining?

Yes, Blogging helps me write by getting over myself and getting a lot of the junk out of my system. And while most days I get only a single view. Since regularly posting each week starting in March:

I’ve garnered over 20 followers, 12 of which I’m certain are real life robots

I’ve gotten over a thousand unique visitors. Two of my posts regularly appear in google search results.

I’ve even been referenced over on KiwiFarms as a source of red pill authority

-Quite the feather in my Fedora-

{Blatant Sarcasm}

{}About the Fedora{}

Now my current game-plan is no secret, Once I have Three more Novella’s in the Chamber. I’m going to push The Duke and The Dragon Hard as every read should yield my an ROI of $35. Finally writing will be profitable. Hopefully by Jun 2021 It will be my full time gig.

I have been writing for three years. And every single November has been a dead month. That’s three November’s without a single word written. What’s that random #writingcommunity stranger #NaNoWriMo is November where people write a 50k novel in a single month and my novella’s only Average 40k. Well then, FUCK YOU, -straight-en’s choker- I mean clearly my muse is busy helping others that month.

But I’ve looked at the trend and I have to say. I’m taking next November off, regardless. That’s right random citizen author I’ll be on Vacay while you’re cramming at #NaNoWriMo. Because It’s had no measurable negative impact on my writing quality or my works in progress. November is filled with family issue’s events and surprises from the woodwork. Was it a successful month? If I just looked at this past November I would say no, But since I have 2018 and 2017 to look at as well. I have a different view, Was 2019 November a success? Yes, I am quite refreshed and ready to work.

In Three Year’s I’ve written Three Books. In Four I’ll have Written Seven or Ten. If I can make this my full time- gig. I’m looking at clocking Ten a year.

When you are working for yourself, you have to take all the data step back as far as possible from where you are, so you can see both where you are going and where you came from.

Some day’s i do feel like shit because I’m not working “HARD” enough then I remember how much harder I am working now than when I started and I feel a little better. Also I my blogging skills are improving

-except for putting pretty pictures up-

{I don’t care for that level of Aesthetics}

SO has you’re day been successful?

Compared to this time last week?

This time last year?

This time last decade?

If the answer is no

What needs to change?

That is the only other question you need to ask.

With Love,