I don’t plot, I brew.

There are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to writers. Plotters: those who in fine detail outline the order of events within and outside of their narrative. And Pantsers those who sit down and go on a journey with their characters as it happens. Every writer falls closer to one side.

Then there are

saints like

Cheyanne A Lepka

Who created a chart akin to DnD alignment



I’m a True Plantser.

And this is the process I use.

Which is both frustrating and exciting.

I start with the problem and a question what would happen if?

Goblins used guns, Miners discover a dragon egg and abandon their contract, A duke is on a hunting expedition to slay a dragon,

Exciting because I don’t know how my stories will end or what turns they will take.

Frustrating because I thought it was going one way but no it went another.

Fiction unlike reality, or this blog, has to make sense

So I have a loose outline, but I have to keep the characters fidelity high. Which means that if a character is about to act out of character just so I can have everyone hit their marks and move the story back to the outlined path, I won’t go there. Sometimes that means my characters demand I scale a vertical cliff or walk through a dangerous marsh rather than stick to the simple well laid path.

When I hit these difficult patches, I do a lot of thinking. What do I need to do now? And I work though in my head over a dozen or two dozen unwritten paths, until that eureka moment hits and the wall is scalable and entertaining. Then I do that.

Though I am still a little sore that I was unable to use pirates in my last story because. I had them roughly outlined, their motivations, weapons, etc etc. But the characters on stage demanded more screen time and had a far more interesting tale to write. SO I put those pirates back in the cupboard and when I get a chance I’ll see if I can use them to spice up another story.

Oh man I am going to have to rewrite this post a few times to get the words as they should be.

Oh well,

Much Love


If you found yourself in this chart and want to argue. I’ll be in the comments below.

Turning Inspiration into dedication.

1% inspiration. 99% perspiration.

  • -Einstein

Let’s talk about energy, time, knowledge, and resources(money usually)

First you were excited about all the things you learned. You had all the energy in the world and nothing seemed like work. You were too young to even have a concept of work itself. Life was just a series of let me try this now. Now this. This way. Oh that’s new let me try that. You had the time, the energy, but had no concept of what knowledge you needed or what money was.

Then childhood was over and puberty started. And suddenly you knew everything, you found yourself surrounded on all sides by the incompetence of those in authority around you.

Parent’s just don’t understand

-Will Smith

Yet even though you knew everything you were still learning at a rapid pace. You would discard poor information for better information without a struggle, you had no concept of ego but figured this was the way to do things from now on. That was in keeping with your self concept of knowing everything. You had the energy. The knowledge basics. The time though that was kept from you by obligations like school and fun Resources either went to affluence or to enjoying your time.

It’s in this stage I was sold one of the biggest lies of my life. That “Real Life” began after high-school. Then I got that diploma, Turns out your still a child till your thirty. Then your not an adult until…. UNTIL… UNTIL. It just keeps going. Your either a child or an elder there is never an in-between.

If you take anything away from this. Take this “High School” is “Real Life”. If you wait for real life to start because you think it has a different rule set not only will you be disappointed but you’ll be behind the game. The only real differences are that your body may not be finished cooking til your older and that things can be different once you have money. But the personality you leave High school with will be your personality for just about ever. So take the mission of getting the personality you want.

Now- back to the Now

You have found that you have enough energy and time to go to work forty hours, sometimes sixty. And if your lucky in this late stage capitalist nightmare then perhaps your banking a decent amount of resources. But in all likely hood you are spending what little excess you have on inflating your happiness to put up with your work schedule. Congratulations, you don’t have the time or energy, and even if you have the resources you’ve lost the knowledge.

1% inspiration 99% perspiration


The knowledge you’ve lost is that you don’t know shit. Motivational life coaches and other carpet baggers will sell you the dream. One quick trick to fix your broken life. You pay the resources and get a high of inspiration but the high fades and so you chase another hit from a different dream seller.

The problem is your Ego. You’ve been successful for so long in the status quo that secretly you don’t want to change a thing. Because if you did, honestly, you would have. You’ve met the basic needs of Maslow’s hierarchy and while you strive to complete the second tier before you can reach the top. You’ve been holding yourself back.

If you can work sixty hours for a paycheck then why can’t you work for yourself six more?

What do I want to do?

Who am I?

Where do I want to be?

Ask the right questions and fucking accept the answers. I don’t want to write books but I have to. I don’t want to work in a warehouse but I need to. These are the things that make me … well myself. The more I stay true to how I am the more energy I seem to find. The less resources I need to spend on happiness. The more open I am to receiving knowledge that helps me without having it conflict with what I already have in practice.

In Maslow’s hierarchy Self-actualization is at the top. To be taken care of after all other concerns are addressed. But you’ll be spinning your wheels if you don’t answer that need first.

Ask the right questions and accept whatever the answers are

By doing that you will create the energy,

You master the time,

If you know how to use google the knowledge is at your beck and call.

You may not have the resources, but that means you need to ask smaller questions.

Not just because you are going to need to sweat doesn’t mean that it has to be something that isn’t inherently fun.

With Love,


Never accept Responsibility without Authority!

I learned this lesson ages ago. I was a lifeguard for a popular water park. I held a position of responsibility for the safety of guest, was a face that represented the park and helped shape the guests experience.

It was a great responsibility. During my two summers I “rescued” a small child and an elderly man whose panic had kept them under water and in danger. But the average day was entirely uneventful and that was a blessing.

However, their existed a class of guests referred to as “season passers”. Some parents rather than have their kids be bored for summer or send them away to camp purchased season passes for their kids who would come to the park once or twice a week, more if the children wanted to master the wave machine (a boogeyboard surf jet). Since the life guards and other staff saw these faces so often, we knew amongst ourselves who was trouble and who wasn’t.

But we only had the illusion of authority.

If the rules were broken, exiting a tube early, cutting in lines, raft stashing, or harassing/taunting life guards who can’t leave their station. Our only course of action would be to blow our whistles and hope that they stopped. But doing so raises awareness of the other guests who are busy enjoying their day at the park. If we wanted to eject someone from the park, the offense must have been bad but also and most importantly the offending party must be 100% compliant and freely agreed to standby the lifeguards station ’til our roving position could come to the station and escort the guests to leave. But if they ran… then they were gone forever. Stories were common they waited for ten minutes then just walked away and I couldn’t leave my station so UGH!.

This is responsibility without authority.

As a lifeguard we had the authority to execute the primary responsibility of guest safety. “No, I’m sorry your to short to ride this buddy.” “Excuse me I’m going to have to ask that you gentlemen leave before I have security escort you out.” or we could jump into the water and “rescue” a 4 foot tall child who doesn’t realize the water is 3 feet deep. We had that authority.

We also had the responsibility to enforce the rules. The rules ain’t there to ruin peoples fun, some of the rides can be dangerous if you are out of your tube and you could hurt yourself or others. Most injuries result from breaking the rules or running carelessly. Climbing and diving from a feature that was aesthetic and not for diving.

Which is why in my second year I taught the new generation, to recognize the season passers and to turn a blind eye to their antics. Because rules or broken in inches, every time a season passer gets away with breaking a rule because the life guard didn’t see it. They assume that if they had been called out it would have meant trouble.

BUT what was important to teach the lifeguards was that if a season passer was called out on a minor rule violation and they realized that “hey the lifeguard can’t leave. I’ll be out of the park and back tomorrow they won’t even remember what I did if they are here too.” leads to major rules violations because now they know for certain their is no penalty for breaking the rules. It’s better to let them think they are getting away with something rather than to expose the truth that they could get away with everything.

Because eventually the summer would end and if they were breaking the rules by inches then hopefully they won’t have caused harm to themselves or others. But if they broke the rules by miles, someone would get hurt.

I knew then that I could not in the future accept a responsibility without the authority to make sure it happens.

Ask yourself do you have the authority to enforce the responsibilities you’ve taken.

Are you responsible for hiring candidates? Do you have the authority to negotiate pay scales?

Are you responsible for meeting the overnight’s production schedule? Do you have the authority to hire staff and use company resources?

Are you responsible for leading a team of sailors through an extended maintenance period on the ship’s diesel engine? Is it within your authority to use command resources to incentivize complaince or dole out reprimands for non compliance? No, the answer is almost always no. The military does have the threat of Non-Judaical punishment but that is extremely rare. No, the military gets things done in a similar fashion to the free world, based on the illusion of authority not it’s actual existence.

It is America’s respect for the illusion of authority that is the root answer as to why drivers in America follow the rules of the road and stop at red lights. I hope we never lose that respect. But I hope you go into the future with the knowledge that if you accept a responsibility without the authority than your as effective as a goat being lead to the alter tasked with making the rain. Either you get lucky and it rains before your burnt or you don’t and are offered up as an appeasement sacrifice.

Much love,


I thought I had it figured out

For my daily bread, I move boxes. I stack them, I drive a standing forklift around a warehouse and lifting and stacking boxes. Heavy boxes, Light boxes, Over the shoulder, From under the Knee.

It’s one of those inglorious jobs that needs to get done.

It sounds easy on the surface and it is rather not a difficult cognitive task. It is a physically demanding task to lift and stack at minimum 100 boxes of various weights 8 oz to 50 lbs within 60 minutes. Currently I’m pulling 140 per hour but If I want to be up there with the best I need to pull 200 per hour as an average. That is a lot of bending and lifting, forwarded planing, and stacking.

But It’s brutal on the body to do this for 8 hours a night, or as with the recent month 12+ hours a night. Blessed as I am that I took the job as part time and I have had enough days for recovery, I can’t help but notice that I have hit a wall around 140. When the newbs complain about soreness I remind them to supplement protein that in order to get faster they will need to get stronger. Whey is great for recovery and animal for building muscle.

The other day I couldn’t sleep because I was craving for protein so badly. Nine raising cane’s chicken fingers later and I was able to sleep. That next work day Mr. G complained that he was sore from yesterday and I told him how I had to eat even more protein than usual. But this got me thinking was I doing this thing right.

When you don’t know what to do or how to get better the best advice is not from someone who is doing that. People have a well documented bias (dunning kruger effect), that after they have achieved proficiency of skill they will not be able to effective relate information to those lacking. So armed with a specific question I went to the guy who has been stacking consistently 200+ for at least 2 yrs without injury or incident. FYI If you just push yourself you can reach 200 for about 6 to 9 months before you’ll throw your back out or can’t get out of bed and decide you need a new career.


With a quick response, something that happens when that knowledge is always on the forefront of someone’s mind. Like what day is it. Useful and Present yes but not worth sharing.

I try for 1 gram per pound of body weight so….. 170.

And he’s gone back to pulling

I was eating three 20g, and trying to take an additional whey shake of 60g. For a total of 120g per day,

My weight 240 lbs.

I was only taking half. No wonder when I got to my writing day’s I was in fog.

I thought I had it figured

I was wrong.

I often am.

With Love,


How to do a Lyrical Breakdown

What is “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish about?

That is what the thorn I was going to remove from my brain today but..

But while crafting that analysis and researching if anyone else has already created such a work, the reality that no one one the first three pages of google has anywhere near a decent analysis is a far greater thorn.

If you don’t understand the language of a song

then you are listening to this song

and if that is the case all you should concern yourself with is the mathematical patterns in the harmonics… the deviations in the scale and the chords used… phonetically you can ignore the lyrics

but if you think in the same language as the song be it Thai, Portuguese, Pigeon, or Engrish

then listening to that song whether you are actively paying attention or passively distracted is almost the same as having those lyrics as your own thoughts.

This is why lyrical analysis’s are important. If you don’t think in the language of the music then the song is gibberish

But if you do…

And you want to ask someone what these thoughts mean…

That is not an unreasonable request.

As with any Art there will always be at least three meanings.

The first is the Author’s intent

This song is about taking power in a relationship

The second is the Listener’s personal interpretation (in this case mine)

This is a song about sexual abuse and the victim trying to take control of their victimization by trying to convince themselves that they wanted it. While struggling with the shame of being both a victim of the abuse and being socially punished for attracting such abuse.

Then there is the general interpretation

using as much data as is possible what does this song mean to a typical Gen Z, Millennial, or the population at large. What culturally relevant shared experiences do these demographics have that would frame the piece of music in question?

This is the type of breakdown I was going to do…

I’m not because it bothers me more that either no one knows how to do this type of breakdown

and no one even bothered to even give out there own personal interpretation.

Because if I had a few Gen Z’er’s personal interpretation and a few Millennial interpretations plus the Artist’s intent then a general interpretation would be relatively easy for me to triangulate.


here is how you analysis a song with your personal interpretation

First let the audience know what the Artist’s intent was. This will build credibility for the argument that your personal interpretation is the correct one.

Now present your interpretation

“Bad Guy” is about the singer pretending to be meek and girly in order to attract strong men who have fragile ego’s and can’t handle a real powerful woman.

Then using the lyric’s provide evidence for your position.

If you are actually and objectively trying to answer the Question

What is “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish about?

Then you will need to provide as many frames of reference as possible.

Gen X will see this song very differently than Gen Z

and then explain what it would mean to them and why

Gen X many of them might remember listening to Aqua’s “barbie girl” for the first time at their child’s birthday party and being horrified to hear their child singing along.

Baby Boomer’s haven’t heard this song

Millennial’s have an awkward position

and Gen Z likely knows about the Artist’s other works and how her process is not just herself but she comes from a musical family… which has impacted the shaping of her lyrics significantly. Billie Eilish is a master of her vocal craft but the source of her lyrics is highly collaborative.

that is the type of analysis I wanted to write but limited on the resource of time.

This is all I can offer at this point.

I tell you what though

If this post gets 100 likes before the end of August 2019

I will carve out the estimated 8-10 hours to do a proper analysis on

What is “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish about?

Or leave a comment asking for an analysis of any song in the Engrish language and the first to get 10 likes I will give my personal interpretation on.

With Love,


for Zach

Say it with me

1…2…3… VIKINGS

Since you’re limited by time, you don’t have any choice but to be a CURATOR of content.

You’re not going to be a creator of content. You don’t have time to be an entertainer either. But you do have time to be a curator.

In general your going to act as a hub, tour guide, a hey that’s interesting viking content page.

First thing you’re going to do is set up your Twitter, IG, and Two Facebook group pages.

One Facebook closed group for discussions, conversation, and community focused primarily on the Go Fund Me project but a place for enthusiasts to gather


One Facebook blog page

Here are some examples of good profiles for that




take a look at your liked pages and their profiles just copy what you like and change the nouns to reflect the purpose of your pages.

For Twitter



(check out here website for more ideas)

But in general for twitter profile keep it short and Have you Go fund me pinned to the top.



(use Instagram to link to your twitter not directly to your go fund me)



In general your going to try to increase you reach through IG, Twitter, and Facebook blog

funnel that audience towards your Go fund me

Then keep those supporters engaged and updated through

Facebook (Closed) Group Page

(Keep it Closed so that you can keep it clean and free of trolls.)

Now I want to to pick three times you will be able to spend at least 10 minutes on social media.

Example 6 am to 6:10

12:30 to 12:40 pm

5:00 to 5:10 pm

During this time you are going to post to IG (if relevant), Twitter, and Facebook blog page.

You are going to find at least two to three pieces of random content through the search function. You are going to leave a nice comment and a comment on someone’s comment

You’re going to comment and like any GOOD comment on your PREVIOUS post.

(Only your Previous post)

If they comment is “This is garbage.”

do not engage

If the comment is negative “you stole this from XYZ.”

“Everyone like knows that”

do not engage



open his comment sections and see.

Most importantly you are going to do this in no more then 10 minutes. Set an alarm for your start time and your stop time. If you didn’t find something to comment on “Oh, well.” Try harder next time. You will not be able to do this for the first week but that’s ok, you’ll get there. The important things are “Never feed trolls” -Weird Al, and Consistent Content and engagement (consistent commenting).

You have to set a time limit because Social media is a time sink and B you realistically have a lot of other work.

Now about Content:

Henceforth referred to as Vcontent for viking related content

You’re going to need to have an hour or two, every few days, to find Vcontent for Twitter and Facebook.

EXAMPLES of content

DIY youtubers



Meme’s like this from reddit


News: stories



You’re going to take this Content and stash it in a folder marked Vtreasure. Then after your done searching for things to share and have a stash to last you a few days.

Remember 3 posts a day

every day (Sun-thurs min.)

which equals 21 pieces a week or 90 for your thirty day run. I recommend that you at least prepare 3 to 4 days in advance.

You can spend time each week looking at the numbers from your previous week and doubling down on what was successful. Like nice this DIY dagger video share got a five comments I’ll do more stuff like that. But It’d be better to not try and chase anything small trend you see when starting. Unless you have something that went viral post and share things you like.

After your thirty day run you can check for trends but again unless something hit at least over 100 engagements(shares, comments, retweets, link click through) then its not worth trying to focus on that type of content.

So you have your Vstash

Now you will need to script your tweets

(remember in word you can use Word_Count under Tools over a selection of text to make sure it meets the requirements)


When Bae says were out of mead

(Include #vikings, #cute, #doggo, #whateva disclosure I suck at hastags.)

then the picture of the Doggo


Were vikings dope heads or is that just as much a lie as how horny their helms were.

Link to Article


Another project for the to do before raiding begins

Link to video

Then save the scripts to an individual word doc labeled like 8/15/2019post1, so you can just open that “select all” copy and paste into Twitter or Facebook blog, or if it is Whole meme or picture like doggo to IG.

(you don’t have enough time to process vidoes and articles into IG content)

But if you did

you’d take a screenshot of the video or an excerpt from the article apply watermarks and tags instead of links so people could see what your talking about.


you’d slap a pair of thug glasses and lit joint onto a picture of a viking

write along the top of the pic

“Vikings OG discover America get so stoned they forget about it.”

bottom of pic


link to article watermarked or pinned as a comment.

But you do not have time for this

your ten min start to stop should look like this

6 copy past posts. 602 browse Twitter click on a tweet any tweet click on the third commenters profile comment on one of their tweets (give them a follow if you want). Do this three times.

608 respond to at least one NICE comment on previous tweet if applicable. (never feed trolls)

do this for thirty days consistently (sun-thurs min)

and you should have a following

now for a go fundme you can expect 1 dollar per every 10,000 social media followers

Good luck Zach hope this helps.

This took me 4 hours to write up

With love,


Frost Giants Versus the Tundra Trolls

The dangers of fire and thin ice

It’s close to the Winter festival here in Meyers. The traveling merchants and bards have descended upon our small township in order to extract as much coin whilst rehearsing their performances before reaching the Grand bazaar for the sixtnight of games and feasts preceding the coldest night before the sun grows steadily brighter in the sky. I took my son to listen to one of the orators, a man with the eyes and whiskers of cat, retell the Tragedy of Tundra Trolls. One of my favorite stories as a child.

Oh, it filled me with wonder knowing that somewhere half a world away walked giants and trolls. I’d listen to a telling every year. And with each year the Giants grew taller from ten meters to twenty. The frosted troll tribes grew in number from dozens to hundreds. Each year the tale was larger. From a simple tribal war over a valley of Mammoths and Caribou into a war of armies only the most powerful Duke’s, from my great grandfather’s kingdom, could muster. I must have been nearly my first passage of manhood when the tale grew too far beyond the borders of what any reasonable person thought was possible.

Expecting by now, that the tale would hold the balance of the whole world between giants the size of wizarding towers and trolls in numbers equal in count by the stars hung in the sky. Expecting this, My boy would either dismiss the story or be as enthralled with the dangers of far away lands as I was. I should have been disappointed when the tale we heard was much smaller. But I can’t say that is the truth. It has occurred to me that the skill on the orator was what feed the giants, and multiplied the trolls. This orator had such a great wealth in his telling that the giants need only stand three feet higher than a regular man, to be terrifying, and the trolls counted only in the dozens. But me and my boy where as fixed as dried maple to the edge of our seat.

These tales are best spoken by the masters, with there hand gestures and flare for dramatic pauses that the pen cannot yet capture. But in case the tale is forgotten and needs to be retold.

“Far from here. Further still beyond Passaid’s great oceans. North of the queen’s heated jungles where the lands drift apart in the warm months from the queen’s tears that fill the river banks. Where the winter winds freeze her salty tears to allow for the migration of the wild mammoth companies.

Long ago before your fathers and mothers started growing whiskers. Even before your grandparent’s great grandfathers set forth from the Kingdom into the Freelands to forge their own destinies. Before new lands began to spring from the ground increasing the distance between the god king and his goddess queen.

Far away and long ago, truths we hold common today were not known. And without diligence in keeping and sharing such truths we may just as easily forget.

As you warm yourself by the fire tonight, remember that fire is a dangerous friend. If your parents held your hand close enough to the fire as a small child that it grew uncomfortably hot but you did not burn yourself, they have done their diligence. And if by a mixture of curiosity and accident you held your own hand close to the flame and have learned the danger of fire without a receiving a permanent scar then consider yourself among the fortunate.

For the Trolls and Giants that inhabit the frozen ever shifting ice sheets, had no understanding of a flame’s desire to burn the whole world to ash.

That is of course until the tundra troll’s tribal chieftain sacrificed himself to keep the fire burning just one more night… but it still left his charges cold and unprotected by morning.

Frost Giant’s stand as close to a man as any of the giant races could. Only eight or nine feet tall. Without a strand of hair on their pale bodies. Their veins carry blood as clear and just as foul smelling as distilled grain, which you can see coursing through crystallic skin. Muscles as brighter than clean snowfall. Tread carefully in the frozen Norths, these giants stand tall but lie still for ages inside of snow packs just waiting…waiting… for a body of warm flesh to cross within their arms reach. Before you can feel the shift of the pack beneath your feet they’ll rip your legs from your torso!

With bursts of strength the frost giants wrestle mammoths to death. leaning close to the children of the front row you wouldn’t even fill half a giant’s belly.

A full meal for a tundra troll perhaps. The frost giants may let you go if you get the chance to remind them that your bones are full of marrow yet. But Troll’s arn’t so picky especially tundra trolls. They won’t just go back to sleep for years waiting for a meal.

Scholars debate still whether the tundra trolls follow the migrating mammoths or whether the mammoths migrate because the trolls are always at their heels.

Standing As high as seven feet as lean as a starving child and always just as hungry, the tundra Trolls. Their skin stretches tight against their iron roped frames. Traveling and hunting in tribal bands. They throw stones and spears to bring down the mammoths. Digging with their hooked fingers into the thick furring hides to consume the meat raw from the fallen often still breathing. A necromage told me once that the flesh tastes sweeter when an animal watches in horror as you consume from them.

Four tribes converged as the trains of mammoth they were hunting gathered for safety. Cooperation between the families was unlikely but necessary as the converged mammoths numbered in the hundreds and with the strength of numbers would fearlessly trample down smaller hunting parties. The Four Tribes pushed the train further north out of their flat permafrost-ed tundra.

Through a valley where the grass grows over a man’s head. Beyond a graveyard of frozen trees, They shed their leaves too many frozen summer’s ago. Into the land of the frost giants the mammoth herd had tred.

By the time the tundra trolls reached the edge of the valley the ground shook with a stampede. From the cover of the trees the troll watched as the frost giants snapped straight up from their snow covered slumber. Tossing full grown bulls to the ground. Crushing their ivory skulls between sole and solid snow pack.

Dark storm clouds rolled in from the same horizon that the trolls only source of food had disappeared into. Lighting soon filled the sky, giving a dark and terrible back drop for which the giants became like gods of death to the poor hungry trolls.

While the four chieftain’s were discussing how to get around their giant problem, four bolts of lightening struck erupted from around the gathered camp. Three trees exploded. Their fire had spread, but one tree was slowly smoldering without a visible flame.

Worried that the smoke would draw the attention of the Giants three of the four tribes panicked and scattered across the wood. The tribe that remained was lead by a rather curious chieftain. Having never seen fire before he didn’t know what to make of it.

It was as warm as the sun. It turned snow into fresh water and make it disappear in a white smoke. Black smoke from the branches it clung to.

The Frost Giants had seen the fire and made haste toward the woods to put of it’s corrupting flames.

The Chieftain stuck his javelin into the flame. His eyes grew wide as the flame grew to nibble on the fresh wood. Amazed still as he withdrew his javelin and the flame split in two. His fascination brought to an abrupt end as a shadow cast over him. He was alone crouched under the shade of a full grown Frost Giant.

He turned to stab at the heart of the Giant. The Giant was too fast and grabbed the javelin in one hand, inches away from his chest. A cocky sneer across his giant face as his next meal filled with fear. The Chieftain pressed hard on the base of his spear and though the giants grip was strong the melting frost had made the spear slick and it along with its still burning tip pierced the giant’s chest.

Underneath the frost giants clear skin the flame spread. The giant turned from blue to white, slowly consumed by the light of the flame before exploding into an orange mist. With a strength of wind so strong that the nearest trees snapped in half.

The trolls who had seen this fed there arrows into the scattered flames and soon the Giants turned back to bury themselves back with their killed mammoths under protective blankets of snow.

The smoldering tree grew finally grew a fire. The troll’s said that this was a blessing from the gods. As long as they kept the fire fed they would have safe trespass in this land. Every troll gathered as much woods as they could carry and they headed out after their converged herd. Careful to skirt around where the Giants slept.

They kept for fires light at all times. In case one should be blown out by the wind they could go on.

Four days until they reached the mammoth herd and finally had a meal to share amongst the tribe. The chieftain who had saved and ensured a lasting piece between these for tribes gave a toast.

Garukth Gagh Trefeladoor Definii

As long as these fires burn together our bands shall be at peace.

And burn they did… first through the stock of wood they had taken from the frozen graveyard. Then through their dried hides that sheltered them from the brutal winds. Then they began sacrificing their weapons to keep the fires consuming. The fat of the mammoth burned well but smelled terrible making those closest to it’s flame irritable and murderous. When the last scrap of wood was used and the fire could no longer feast upon the trolls offering, it departed back to the aether.

And just like that the trolls found themselves without weapons, without food, without good temperament. Inside the land of the Frost Giants, who lay in wait for one careless step across the surface of ice.

So be wary young ones and travel with friends across the frozen ponds. Keep the knowledge and tools that make fire close. So won’t have to trade your kingdom for a fire that will leave you cold.