for Zach

Say it with me

1…2…3… VIKINGS

Since you’re limited by time, you don’t have any choice but to be a CURATOR of content.

You’re not going to be a creator of content. You don’t have time to be an entertainer either. But you do have time to be a curator.

In general your going to act as a hub, tour guide, a hey that’s interesting viking content page.

First thing you’re going to do is set up your Twitter, IG, and Two Facebook group pages.

One Facebook closed group for discussions, conversation, and community focused primarily on the Go Fund Me project but a place for enthusiasts to gather


One Facebook blog page

Here are some examples of good profiles for that

take a look at your liked pages and their profiles just copy what you like and change the nouns to reflect the purpose of your pages.

For Twitter

(check out here website for more ideas)

But in general for twitter profile keep it short and Have you Go fund me pinned to the top.


(use Instagram to link to your twitter not directly to your go fund me)

In general your going to try to increase you reach through IG, Twitter, and Facebook blog

funnel that audience towards your Go fund me

Then keep those supporters engaged and updated through

Facebook (Closed) Group Page

(Keep it Closed so that you can keep it clean and free of trolls.)

Now I want to to pick three times you will be able to spend at least 10 minutes on social media.

Example 6 am to 6:10

12:30 to 12:40 pm

5:00 to 5:10 pm

During this time you are going to post to IG (if relevant), Twitter, and Facebook blog page.

You are going to find at least two to three pieces of random content through the search function. You are going to leave a nice comment and a comment on someone’s comment

You’re going to comment and like any GOOD comment on your PREVIOUS post.

(Only your Previous post)

If they comment is “This is garbage.”

do not engage

If the comment is negative “you stole this from XYZ.”

“Everyone like knows that”

do not engage


open his comment sections and see.

Most importantly you are going to do this in no more then 10 minutes. Set an alarm for your start time and your stop time. If you didn’t find something to comment on “Oh, well.” Try harder next time. You will not be able to do this for the first week but that’s ok, you’ll get there. The important things are “Never feed trolls” -Weird Al, and Consistent Content and engagement (consistent commenting).

You have to set a time limit because Social media is a time sink and B you realistically have a lot of other work.

Now about Content:

Henceforth referred to as Vcontent for viking related content

You’re going to need to have an hour or two, every few days, to find Vcontent for Twitter and Facebook.

EXAMPLES of content

DIY youtubers

Meme’s like this from reddit


News: stories

You’re going to take this Content and stash it in a folder marked Vtreasure. Then after your done searching for things to share and have a stash to last you a few days.

Remember 3 posts a day

every day (Sun-thurs min.)

which equals 21 pieces a week or 90 for your thirty day run. I recommend that you at least prepare 3 to 4 days in advance.

You can spend time each week looking at the numbers from your previous week and doubling down on what was successful. Like nice this DIY dagger video share got a five comments I’ll do more stuff like that. But It’d be better to not try and chase anything small trend you see when starting. Unless you have something that went viral post and share things you like.

After your thirty day run you can check for trends but again unless something hit at least over 100 engagements(shares, comments, retweets, link click through) then its not worth trying to focus on that type of content.

So you have your Vstash

Now you will need to script your tweets

(remember in word you can use Word_Count under Tools over a selection of text to make sure it meets the requirements)


When Bae says were out of mead

(Include #vikings, #cute, #doggo, #whateva disclosure I suck at hastags.)

then the picture of the Doggo


Were vikings dope heads or is that just as much a lie as how horny their helms were.

Link to Article


Another project for the to do before raiding begins

Link to video

Then save the scripts to an individual word doc labeled like 8/15/2019post1, so you can just open that “select all” copy and paste into Twitter or Facebook blog, or if it is Whole meme or picture like doggo to IG.

(you don’t have enough time to process vidoes and articles into IG content)

But if you did

you’d take a screenshot of the video or an excerpt from the article apply watermarks and tags instead of links so people could see what your talking about.


you’d slap a pair of thug glasses and lit joint onto a picture of a viking

write along the top of the pic

“Vikings OG discover America get so stoned they forget about it.”

bottom of pic


link to article watermarked or pinned as a comment.

But you do not have time for this

your ten min start to stop should look like this

6 copy past posts. 602 browse Twitter click on a tweet any tweet click on the third commenters profile comment on one of their tweets (give them a follow if you want). Do this three times.

608 respond to at least one NICE comment on previous tweet if applicable. (never feed trolls)

do this for thirty days consistently (sun-thurs min)

and you should have a following

now for a go fundme you can expect 1 dollar per every 10,000 social media followers

Good luck Zach hope this helps.

This took me 4 hours to write up

With love,


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