I thought I had it figured out

For my daily bread, I move boxes. I stack them, I drive a standing forklift around a warehouse and lifting and stacking boxes. Heavy boxes, Light boxes, Over the shoulder, From under the Knee.

It’s one of those inglorious jobs that needs to get done.

It sounds easy on the surface and it is rather not a difficult cognitive task. It is a physically demanding task to lift and stack at minimum 100 boxes of various weights 8 oz to 50 lbs within 60 minutes. Currently I’m pulling 140 per hour but If I want to be up there with the best I need to pull 200 per hour as an average. That is a lot of bending and lifting, forwarded planing, and stacking.

But It’s brutal on the body to do this for 8 hours a night, or as with the recent month 12+ hours a night. Blessed as I am that I took the job as part time and I have had enough days for recovery, I can’t help but notice that I have hit a wall around 140. When the newbs complain about soreness I remind them to supplement protein that in order to get faster they will need to get stronger. Whey is great for recovery and animal for building muscle.

The other day I couldn’t sleep because I was craving for protein so badly. Nine raising cane’s chicken fingers later and I was able to sleep. That next work day Mr. G complained that he was sore from yesterday and I told him how I had to eat even more protein than usual. But this got me thinking was I doing this thing right.

When you don’t know what to do or how to get better the best advice is not from someone who is doing that. People have a well documented bias (dunning kruger effect), that after they have achieved proficiency of skill they will not be able to effective relate information to those lacking. So armed with a specific question I went to the guy who has been stacking consistently 200+ for at least 2 yrs without injury or incident. FYI If you just push yourself you can reach 200 for about 6 to 9 months before you’ll throw your back out or can’t get out of bed and decide you need a new career.


With a quick response, something that happens when that knowledge is always on the forefront of someone’s mind. Like what day is it. Useful and Present yes but not worth sharing.

I try for 1 gram per pound of body weight so….. 170.

And he’s gone back to pulling

I was eating three 20g, and trying to take an additional whey shake of 60g. For a total of 120g per day,

My weight 240 lbs.

I was only taking half. No wonder when I got to my writing day’s I was in fog.

I thought I had it figured

I was wrong.

I often am.

With Love,


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