Cold hard Cash.

Whether you are using the Pound, Lira, Bitcoin, USD, or Looney. You’re using a general purpose currency. First and foremost these currencies are used to secure the essentials in life food, water, housing. Cash will guarantee you the bottom tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy but it can’t guarantee you respect, influence, purpose, or help with self-actualization. (The highest tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy).

This is exactly why those who have never experienced financial problems will tell you that money will not solve all your problems. Because money no matter how much of it you have (Looking at you Bill and Jeff) money can not be exchanged to fulfill these needs. In fact, it may actually be a hindrance if there is such disparity between your wealth and the wealth of those around you as to create jealousy. Yes, it may actually be counter productive to be the Jones’s (or Kardashians).

The pursuit of Cash is currently a gun to the head of workers, welfare recipient’s, and anyone whose trades their Cash for food.


Picasso rarely carried cash. Instead he would trade doodles for cigarettes, meals, or be provided for by his estate. Well certified doodles go for hundred’s of dollars on Ebay to this day.

Picasso was trading his fame for his needs. He certainly wasn’t trading talent or effort of a quick doodle but his signature is what made the doodle worth more than the half dollar he would have spent buying the whatever in 1960’s Spain.


Whether you have 100k in savings or you are waiting for your next paycheck to clear the bank before you go grocery shopping. You trade Cash for food. If you don’t have money you don’t have food.

So starts the process. You trade X for money because of someone else’s Y.

X = Time (T) multiple by your level of Skill (S) plus your Influence (I) minus your ignorance (i), all of that under the market’s need for your services (MN) = (MN)/((TxS)+(I-i)

Y = demand

/// Ugh, I give up///

The point I’m trying to lay the foundation for is that without cash being directly exchanged for food and other essential needs it is useless. So long as Cash is what can secure yourself the bottom tiers of safety, security, food, water, etc it is essentially trading violence or threat of death for goods and services.

Why is this sooooo hard set the foundation for.

  • Checks notes –

I know that it’s a valid observation once stated but since I am directing this argument to those who have only ever exchanged Cash for Status. Example Buying an NFL team or Donating Money to build a ward of a hospital, which you put your name on. This is an exchange of cash for status which is the third tier of Maslow’s hierarchy.

I spend countless hours on these questions.

Assuming Cash is inherently violence / threat of death, how can one affect change in a non-violent manner?

I have a plan but my current plan is still build on the violence inherent in the system.

And how can I ethically use violence and threat of death to remove Cash from the system?

My current plan is such:

Step 1: Create a Fan-base for Western/Fantasy pulp Novellas

Use that income to fund a studio which can pump out a new Novella every month.

Step 2: After a five year run of the studio guarantee every employee 15% of there wages for life.

Meaning that after five years if you earned $40k/yr you’ll get $6k/yr every year for the rest of your life. Thereby removing the threat of death from any further service.

If I won the lottery today. I would immediately pour those resources into this project.

But I don’t even have the funds to advertise effectively and grow a fan-base for pulp fiction.

That’s why I’m working on The Council of Seven Project. I still need six other interested parties willing to work together. Trading two hours a week for mutual benefit.

Well take care for now,


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