Don’t get rich quick, spending all your money on GET RICH QUICK shit

Dear Joshua,

I hope you read this, I’m not going to e-mail you or even tell you about this post. Because of our relationship and how well I know you, and that despite the thousands of dollars you’ve spent on programs from:

Miracle Morning


James Goggins

You won’t read these post.

Because you don’t value my opinion.

And until I make my first million, you never will.

It’s not because I’m 6 years your younger.

Or that we work the same job.

It’s because you only respect arguments from “authority”.

Dear reader,


I hope that you don’t end up like my co-worker, will. He has been buying into “Flipping Systems”, “Motivational seminars”, and “Self-Help on Tape” for over a decade. All while working full-time (45+hrs) in a brutal warehousing industry (Featuring days in the freezer kept at a very untoasty -22F {-30C}).

Each day he grows older, His MS gets worse and he takes out more loans to purchase another year in his “Flipping System” or “Personal Coaching”

It has probably been over two decades since he actually grew any wiser and not just older.

If you’re here reading this you are either

A) a cringe cynic ready for a Laugh.

B) You genuinely think that this may hold the “Secret” that’s been holding you back.

                  1. you’re DirtySciFiBuddha or J.R.

The Secret:

It was you all along. You just didn’t actually follow the system. If you had you’ve have a million dollars and a Yacht. Take a look at Todd over there, He followed the system he worked hard. Now he’s working only a few hours a week collecting rent from his tenants. Why, he’ll be a millionaire in less than a year. I guess you JUST didn’t want it hard enough.

The Truth:

It was you but it was also me. I don’t give a fuck whether you spend you’re last dime on my program. I know out of every thousand people who buy into the level you’re at only five will actually make their money back and even less than that make a million dollars.

I know that you are going to quite. And the best part is you are going to blame yourself. After all my program works. That’s why I’m a millionaire and you’re not because you didn’t work hard enough.

The Parable:

A faith healer stands over the corpse of an emaciated child.

“I’m sorry Miss Jones, Timmy’s faith was just not strong enough to over come his cancer. There is only so much my gift can do.”

I’ve read the 4 hour work week cover to cover, bought Tools of Titans/Tribe of Mentors, and a copy of the 4 hour body. Only after having listened to the Tim Ferris podcast for over 300 hrs for free.

99.9% of any advice is available for free, if you know where to look or get lucky searching for it. But here is the cognitive problem with free.


Means inferior quality to the status conscience.

I mean the Miracle Morning was on the new york times best selling list. If memory serves, it hit the best seller list in the business category in 2015 four months after publish and only for a week. -Allegedly this is achievable by buying roughly 500 copies of the $25 book for yourself. Not an impressive feat but forever you’ll have the authority of being a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR. –

Remind yourself

If this guy can figure out the “Secret” I can too.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


There never will be a single “The Secret”

Their is however your “Secret”

Joshua’s “Secret” is that he would rather work warehouse than make sales calls.

His program leader’s “Secret” is that he doesn’t care if Joshua actually uses his system as long as he keeps paying the bill.

The last “Secret” I discovered about me is that

While I can fire off a rocking blog post like this in the TWO hours I spend writing after work, It’s not helping with my WIP. And It won’t help Joshua either.

The last “Secret” I’ve learned about my enemy is that they are weaker than estimated. I’ve given too much in the way of caution, where I could have been in the midst of an assault.

What’s the last “Secret” you’ve learned?

And how are you going to use this new found knowledge?

Well I have a cycle of 30 minutes left and I’m going to try to write a despairing body horror opening to my WIP for the third time this week.

With Love,


My advice is always free, sometimes wrong, and comes from a genuine place of care.

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