Twitch script 3-27

At 12

for Tiktok

Ok tokkers and Millenials in partic

All your unemployed asses have destroyed the algorithm.

So I’m putting this video out for one hour.

As a straight up advertisement

And if you are one of the lucky 70 people who are going to see it

then join me on twitch


I go live on Twitch in at 3pm

Eastern Standard Time

Stream Topic


Today’s topic is



The Prisoner’s Dilemma


The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a two player Pascalian

Imagine you and your best friends decided to rob a bank

and the next day the police show up to arrest you.

They isolate you and your friend

and start questioning.

IGNORE the fact that you shouldn’t ever


talk to the police

even to clear your name without your attorny present

Pretend you’re a dumb person

I know you’re not a dumb person

but pretend for a second that you and your friend are willing to talk to the cops without a lawyer

so the cops say

“We have a deal for you?”

If you turn in your friend we will give him-her-zer the maximum sentence of ten years

but if you don’t turn in your friend and he turns you in you’ll get ten years.

Now if you both rat each other out you’re both going to jail for five years for robbing dat bank.

Now they don’t tell you this cuase they are cops doing their jobs

but it’s implied that if neither you or your friend rat each other out

then you both will go free

because they don’t have enough evidence to convict you

This is game theory

one OH one

because it doesn’t matter what you would do?

What matters is what you think your friend would do…

Is your friend going to throw you under the bus

so you throw him under the bus

you both do five

Do you trust your friend enough to risk doing ten years in prison?

If yes then you both go free.

The prisoner’s dilemma is taught not just as a cute little excersice

but because it allows

The ruthless

The psychopathic

The sociopathic

narsiccists to 100% justify

screwing over people

becuase this whole scenerio is designed

to teach you to more often than not

screw over someone else before they screw you over.

They design the scenario as though it’s your friend

but what if it was a stranger

you’d never trust a stranger and so your default position will now be to screw over

your oppenant

whether they are your customer

whether they are your employee

whether they are your employer

Now this is exaclty what I’m seeing on TikTok,

YouTube is a little different

But since right now you got the intorvert plague keeping everyone home

TikTok is being overwhelmed with creators more than audience

and since every creator is operating under the prisoner’s delimma

they are destroying the AI behind TikTok.

And they are doing it as quickly as possible

We are going to see another app pop out of no-where in about a month or two.

The children will migitate to the new space.

The HARDCORE tiktoker’s who don’t see the writting on the wall

this includes the celebs

the actual eyeballs will move to the new space.

TikTok will “falsify” their numbers

so that they can keep selling ads…

It’ll be a sad space where creators

instead of preforming for thousands

It’ll just be them preforming for thousands of bots.

That’s why you need to understand the prisoners dillemma.

Because it’s not about how you would act it’s about making a guess how your oppenant acts.

UNDERstand that a lot of people

still use the prisoner’s dillemma to make decisions.

The TikTok dillemma is if this platform is going to be ruined, then their is only so much time for me to use it before it becomes ruined, so therefore I must use as much of it as I can.

Don’t use the prisoner’s dillemma to be a jerk.

Just don’t be a jerk.

I’d rather serve ten years if I made the mistake of taking a snitch on a bank robbery, because I wouldn’t rat them out.

Then serve five years and have to live with myself being a coward and a rat for my whole life.

I get to make this choice.

Just as I made the choice which of my friends to rob a bank with.

What I don’t get to choose is how my friend will act when that moment comes.


Let’s that ends the scripted lesson

Let’s talk about how this affects a diplomatic game like

Freelander’s ADVENTURE

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