Company Structure

It is my hope that one day I can amass ten thousand fans of “Contractman” a serialized fantasy western.

But if I won the lottery tomorrow I would be able to launch my publishing company this will be the structure.

Bi-monthly publications of “Contractman” for a subscription of $10 a month or for individual sale at $6.49. With a subscriber base of ten thousand I will be able to cover all costs associated with this venture.

After the subscriber base reaches twenty thousand I would reduce the monthly subscription to $5.

After the subscriber base reaches fifty thousand I would further reduce the monthly subscription to $2.

This is not and will never be a for profit project. I want men to have the pulp they need to keep their reading skills high. I want to read these stories and I want everyone to have access to it.

I think as of current credit and debit processing fees being what they are going below $2 monthly would not be practical.

This is how the company will function.

A writer will write a Contractman novella approx. 40k words. It will pass to editor one who will “clean” the text then pass to editor two for approval and continuity checks.

Cover art will be produced to convey the content of the finished novella OR will be produced before the first word is written depending on the writer’s preference.

Cover art should feature Mouse in action against one of the books villains and a Pin-up of one of the book’s beauties. Due to the exotic nature of the fantasy setting Mouse and nature is also an acceptable cover.

Marketers/Producers will be responsible for promoting content, keeping subscribers, and activities associated with general growth of the company.

Staffing requirement:

Three to Four writers writing “Contractman” novella’s.

Two editors.

Two marketers/producers.

Two on staff cover artists.


After five years of successful operation.

Employee’s who have worked for this project for a term of five years will receive for the rest of their life or one hundred years, which ever is sooner, a pension equal to 15% percent of their average annual earnings of the last two years.

for example:

If you are the on staff editor and your monthly salary is $6,000 for year four and $7,000 a month for year five. Then the average would be $6,500 and you will receive a pension of  $975 a month for the rest of your life or one hundred years, which ever is sooner.

For every five years of service or equivalent production this 15% pension will be rewarded as a thank you.


“If you are not working yourself out of a job. I do not want you working for me.”


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