Making the most of the Facebook Algorithm

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Observations and Statements are of my own opinion as of 2/27/2017 (27/2/2017) (1/23/25662B.E.)

First lets go over the “rules” of the game.

Your Facebook feed with show you posts from twenty of your friends and five of your liked or followed pages. Then it will feed you ads, recommendations, and guesses about content you might like.

Facebook will rotate out or silence pages and groups you follow replacing them with content that it thinks will keep you on the platform longer.


Facebook only watches what you like, comment, share and spend 1.5 seconds looking at.

Those are the rules for everything on Facebook.

With these rules in mind lets try to unpack what you want as an end result from Facebook.

If you simply want to stay in touch and follow the lives of your close friends go through your friends list pick 30 friends and over the next few days find meme’s and videos they will enjoy or they will comment or share and tag them.

After you’ve tagged them and they’ve commented, shared, or liked and you’ve done the same to things you’ve found on their timeline Facebook will get the idea that “hey we should just show you this persons stuff”.

About a month of active curation and you should have a feed that is full of content you genuinely enjoy and are satisfied with.

If you don’t follow this advice don’t be surprised when Facebook starts spamming your page with things you hate, causing you to leave nasty comments, and filling your feed with angry emojis.

[Note: if you want Facebook to filter out things that anger you. The best way to teach it is after every time you use an angry emoji immediately log out of Facebook for an extended length of time, at least five hours. Al Gore’s rhythm should automatically start dancing to your tune.]

There I have taught you how to use Facebook and enjoy your time on the platform.

Lets say you’re not here for fun and games.

You’re here to boost your visibility and launch a Facebook page.

First understand that after you’ve captured your initial audience you will be fighting with Facebook’s invisible paywalls and the four other pages that appear in your audiences feeds.

Facebook seems like a nice platform to create a page for your brand or business but it will lock potential consumers away from seeing your post based on a percentage of your audience. You’ve got one million Like/Follows/Group members well that’s great but only 1% will have the chance to see the post you’ve made.

Either pay or adapt your business model to capitalize on that 1%. Just keep this in mind when your reach has stalled.

If you want 10% to see your content then you’ll need to create consistent shareable content. For the solo pilot I recommend spending six solid hours planning, creating, and scheduling for publishing your posts for the next four days.

You should have a minimum of two posts per day. Interaction with commenters especially comments that reflect and encourage your target audiences sentiments are very important. Even if you can only comment on your breaks from work do that. Taking time out to bash a dissenter is highly amusing.

Remember the people who comment are a mere fraction of your audience. Greater is the number of people reading those comments. Greater is the number of people exposed to the post because you’ve done Facebook a service by keeping users on their Platform.

From the limited data I have

I’d say that for every 20 to 50 emoji is a comment. For every 8 emoji you should receive one share.

I wouldn’t spend a lot of energy on shares. Just take a shares as a loose guide for people willing to take action when you post a call for such. This will vary wildly whether you’re asking to “make this bitch viral” or “Sign up using my Promo Code”. Take your own metrics in this area.

What’s that you don’t have any reach at all? No audience? And you want to get an audience for free with little to no effort?

Frack off

you’ll never get anywhere without work.

Now that your in the mindset to actually listen. Identify the common interests of your target audience. Find Group pages that cater to those interests. Create three specialty posts that you will re-upload to that Group page. Every other day or once a week (using your best guess as to the temperament of your audience) post that specialty post that leans hard into that groups core interests.

There you have an audience, now keep creating content they want to consume, emoji, comment, and share. Now your audience will grow.

Until they change the Al Gore’s rhythm this should help you cultivate Facebook like a good gardener

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With Love,


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