4 steps to eventually accomplish anything

I’ve recently made a friend at my day job who as been with the job for ten years. He has decided he wants more out of life and has started his own business in the field of real estate flipping. He has paid a lot of money into training, how to run his business: advertising, legalities, and methods. He is even willingly to put in extra hours after his paying job to find success.


he hasn’t found success yet.

I’ve identified a couple of his personal weaknesses as they relate to his extra curricular endeavor. He is shy, introverted, and has little experience in sales. The greatest thing about this is that he knows these are his weaknesses.

Now that he knows these are his weaknesses he can work on improving them and break through.

Here’s the simple formula

  1. Attempt the feat

  2. Identify what skills, knowledge, and abilities played a factor in the feats success or failure

  3. Create your training program to improve

  4. Repeat

Step one: Attempt the feat

In his case the feat is to “try and make a sale”. He runs an advertising campaign then meets with potential clients (if his advertising campaign was successful). Then he’ll attempt to make a sale of his services.

The best part of this is how his feat has only two points of failure. If you want to succeed in a broad field and your feat has many points of failure it will be harder for you to isolate exactly which factors played a role in the success and failure of the feat.

Step two: Identify

In his case the amount of questions he has to ask himself are low.

Was my advertising campaign successful?

Was my attempt to sell my services successful?

If his campaign attracted an ideal client then the failure lies in the second question.

During his last pitch he noted that he was reprimanded for repeating himself and lost the confidence of the potential client at that point.

Step Three: Train

Like me this individual spends a lot of their time passively ingesting advice for successes in the industry and general motivation speakings.

So we already know how to remedy any deficit in knowledge and have that built into our weekly routine.

Skills require practicals for improvement

"Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

-Mike Tyson

Practicals are those punches

Pitching someone will use your communication skills.

Since our day job involves no interaction with customers and sales. I’ve recommended that he find the time to volunteer or work in a heavy sales industry. That way he can get his practicals done. Giving him opportunities to assess his skill as a salesmen. Specifically I recommend Kirby vacuums or being a cold caller for a charity.

Skills rely on your abilities.

Abilities you train outside of practicals through exercises

In this case the key ability is this man’s ability to speak clearly

He will be talking into a recorder then playing it back. Till his pitch is clear and confident. He has saved his first recording so that after a few days of this exercise he will be able to mark his progress.

By excising and thus improving his ability to speak clearly and be confident in his words. This will lead to success in his practicals and beyond that success in the greater feat.


You may have to repeat this a hundred times. There will always be a new weakness you’ll be able to identify. Don’t be discourage. Work on the problem right in front of you till it’s not the problem anymore.

With love,


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