Vox Day, the secret (unathorized.tv) king


Darkstream number 334: Unauthorized the road ahead

from the 31st minute mark Vox’s comments on sigma

“you are talking from a sigma standpoint i think Vox um well what other standpoint can i talk about you know i was thinking about that earlier today you know you’re just talking about yourself you’re just trying to justify yourself when you’re talking about Sigma and what i realize is that’s just not true because one of my best friends in university is more of a Sigma than I’ve ever been.

Massively, massively attractive to women ridiculously so in fact there were two other Sigma’s one a year ahead of me and one two years ahead of me that were at my university with me and you know here’s here’s a very Sigma thing to do I’m sitting there with my friend we’re having lunch together as usual it’s just the two of us you know neither of us belong to a fraternities or anything like that and um we were sitting there and he goes let’s go abroad next year i said okay where do you want to go so well you’re taking Japanese I said yeah I said let’s go to Japan I’m like you don’t speak any Japanese he’s like no but you do and like i’ll take a semeseter before I go ro something

the best part was we had arranged to get him elected senior class president already so he’s the senior class president despite the fact that he hangs out with pretty much no one besides me and then blows it off and goes to Japan.

You know legend

that’s it was so funny

then after college disappeared…”

In short Vox Day has justified the existence of Sigma to himself again though cognitive dissonance.

If Sigma are as rare as they are suppose to be, then how can the small sample size of Vox Day’s college provide him with four other men?

The key trait being toted as a Sigma thing to do is being “framed” as an avoidance of responsibility to the hierarchy of which the Sigma, Vox’s friend, has become the class president of.

I say framed because while I cannot discern the motivations of Vox’s friend, I can analyze the information that Vox thinks is relevant regarding his friends decision.

Why does this matter…?

It matters because Vox Day through his series on the socio-sexual hierarchy has and is crafting a great lens to understand the motivations of men and providing blueprints for how a hierarchy can function properly.

But as that lens becomes increasingly marred and damaged when looking at Gammas.

In direct relation to Vox Day’s inability to stop his own self deception and dissonance.

The less valuable the tool becomes and the further from truth.

Gamma’s are at the bottom of the hierarchy for some very good reasons. Least of which is their unhealthy self-deceptions and conflict avoidance.

Vox makes a few good remarks as to Gamma conflict avoidance and their fear of failure

in his latest Voxiversity

I do hope he takes his own advice realizing that he is not fooling anyone.

Vox Day is most Gamma, comfortable in Omega isolation, efficiently Delta, a high requirement Bravo/Beta, but a low responsibility Alpha.

If he wants to call that brew Sigma flavor, fine. But just as you can’t leave the sugar out of Coca-cola you can’t take the Gamma out of Vox Day.

Let me know, if anyone is interested in my thoughts on the Gamma and Alpha voxiversity and if you’d like me to explore explicitly how each of the tiers deals with and around failure.

Myself, I am failure avoidant not because I have suffered a lot of failures but because I have suffered so few that I don’t have the protection of callouses that come from earning blisters.

With Love,


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