Thoughts on Esports

Esports are here to stay and they are growing.

There are fundamental differences between traditional sports and Esports.

Esports constantly change

Traditional sports rarely do

Esports have a low barrier to play or gain fans

(buy the game… rank up… win tournaments from the comfort of your our home)

Traditional sports fans can no longer participate in the game after a certain points and must spectate.

(personal story… I live in CO but I’m a Chiefs fan… being a Chiefs fan is a humbling experience. And rarely will you find a cocky Chiefs fan.

I’m a Chiefs fan because when I was young my parents punished me by forcing me to watch an entire football game. I was a high energy child, and watching football for two and a half hours was a fitting punishment. My parents rooting for the Broncos where just as tortured at the results of the game and thus a Chiefs fan was born.

And because of this child hood experience I still keep the Chiefs in my news as to their record and occasionally I will watch the simplified stat tracker on one of my many monitors while working or playing games.)

But after watching a game I know I can not just go outside can 6-12 friends and get a game going. After watching an Esport I can almost immediately play a match.

Traditional sports have less competition

Esports have to compete not just against other Esports but every other piece of content on the internet

Traditional sports have to be watched live. They depend on ticket sales, ad revenue, and social obligations. I’m old enough to remember when the original spoiler warning was because someone was unable to watch the game live and they had to tell people to shut up before they ruin it.

Esports revenue is based on the game itself. Yes ads, ticket sales, and social obligations can supplement that but if no one is playing the game and spending money on X, Y, and Z then the sport will be canceled.

A traditional sport does not need to sell merchandise

An Esport does

An Esport doesn’t need butts in seats

A traditional sport does

This deserves some more thought

and I’ll get back to it

‘Til then with love,


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