Electric Boogaloo (a short revolution)

Aug 20… Airlines begin to route more flights to Nevada to meet demand

Sept 15 the crowds began to amass

Sept 17 The streets are filled with crowds. Dj’s looking for exposure have began performances from
from open air trailers.

Sept 18(morning) the media sends reporters for the first time those out side of the meme cycle hear about whats going on?

Sept 18(afternoon) The mayor makes a statement from a moving vehicle, the National guard has been called in as a peaceful show of force.

The gathered crowds chant in response “We’re here for the memes.” The DJ’s record and loop the crowds chants.

Sept 18(evening) power to the town has been cut off in an attempt to disperse the crowds

Sept 19 clashes between Antifa and Nazis occur more and more… an off duty airmen got drunk and was caught raping a passed out women in an alley… the Antifa and ‘Nazi’s” spilled into the alley from the bar… they join forces and beat the airmen to death…

This the violence pours over and anyone in uniform is a target…It was reported as the 51 riots

Sept 20th the media attention sparks out rage from gathered masses. 20% of retail business had to close because of lack of employees. Everyone was turned into the news. Would the riot turn into a raid of area 51.

The explosions that brought down the NYSE server farm happened at 9:07 pm

The power transfer stations for NY city, Detroit, and LA where hit at between 9:15 and 10:00 plunging the most populated cities into electrical darkness. As a result cell receipt and the updates of 51 consist of rumors and CB radio relays.

A group calling themselves “the rope” takes responsibility for over 3,000 individual assassinations of bankers, gov’t employees, and multi-national executives.

The last thing on most peoples mind when the 21st broke out was did they raid 51 or not?

400 bank robberies

over 500,000 death from violence across America

4000 individual accounts of arson

With the destruction of the nations financial center, payment processors don’t work.. people are unable to buy food on plastic.

Electric Boogaloo Revolution 2.0 has begun over a meme like this



This is a work of fiction….. stay safe

wishing you stay safe,



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