Writing Excuses prompt from Season 14 Episode 28


Today I’m relativity free of thorns… At least thorns that are large enough to pluck out of my brain and seed onto a page… but if I don’t write my Wednesday article then I know I’ll have poor productivity on my writing days.

So I’ll be answering a writing prompt from the Writing Excuses podcast

Invent a powerful, NON-technological weapon for your setting

More powerful than any known system within your setting

The system people understand this is something that is completely non-understandable

(yes NON understandable, that’s what they said) Grammar Police Warrant issued

Scene: how does society adapt to this

Scene: build a battle where no one really knows what this weapon can do.

Well, this is a little difficult for my setting the fantasy world of LokPassaid. Grammar aside. There are three main regions of course to choose from.

The Kingdom: Which has large scale battles, but those are fought with base technology that is approved of by the God-king Lok. Magic is out of the question, as well as the use of a non technological weapon.

The Freelands: Large scale battles typical don’t take place since the overall environment is so harsh. Their are occasional clashes between the Freeman Corp and Baron’s trying to form rogue states.

The Queensland: Would have to be the setting… Gee I’ve spent so little time here I wonder if I’ll be able to give the chaotic structure justice. The Queensland consists of hundreds of independent nations and tribes that self organize and self govern, without direct interference from the God-Queen Passaid.

Great lets cast the Acting Armies,

Frost Giants


Tundra Trolls

The weapon: Fire

I’ll post it after I craft It to quality,

But hey here is a peak at how I process

With Love,


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