Lawyers should not be judges…

There is a fundamental problem with any organization. It’s usually run by people.

Why is this a problem?

Here are a few things we know. People are biased and the morally worse the person the higher the degree of bias.

Bias being defined simply that they prefer those like themselves or like those that poses their ideal qualities. While also shunning those that posses their own negative traits.

People often just hate someone who displays their own negative traits.

Take for example a boss who ducks out half an hour early, but checks the time cards in the morning and doles out write-ups for those who left their scheduled shift 5 minutes early.

People often get selected for promotion because they have enough of the “valued” traits and less of the “negative” traits.

I’m not speaking about objectively negative traits, no. I’m referring to what the leader deems a negative trait. Usually a trait they themselves posses but don’t like that they have it and by having someone around that has that trait they it is harder for them to use cognitive dissonance to say “I don’t have that trait.”

Throw a party for narcissists and then listen how after word they will complain that everyone only wanted to talk about themselves.

[ There is a type of person often described as a five-wheel drive, or a one-upper. If you told your co-worker about your new truck handles nicely and It’s my first car with four wheel drive. They one-upper will interject without being prompted, Ha my trucks got that chrome finished hemi and five wheel drive.

Just taking a moment out to imagine six of these guys on a bowl team talking about their independent axle eighteen wheelers doing power slides over sand dunes…

Of course this wouldn’t happen.]

Because if a person is near someone that has their negative trait they will dislike that person.

What does this have to do with judges…

Well judges were once lawyers

which means that in order to be a judge and determine the facts of the case you must have practiced law.

Not just be studied and accredited but practiced.

Which means that you must have survived in a field surrounded and dictated by lawyers long enough to become a judge, then in order to remain a judge you must maintain a circle of politicians or judges of higher ambition.

Now, I ask you

What traits do you think a lawyer would find negative?

What traits would a lawyer find positive?

What traits do politicians find negative?

What traits do politicians find positive?

I never leave a thorn without a solution

My proposed solution is that judges can be selected for service during law school, nominated by tenured professors, without ever having to practice law.

What traits would the professors find negative?

What traits would the professors find positive?

And their advancement is determined by the votes of police

police as a whole not just the chief of police

Go ahead and look around your work

what are the traits that you boss values and despises


If selected as a judge, you should be able to become a lawyer. But lawyers should not be judges.

With love,


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