UBI may Break the corporate shield

A universal basic income will have many positive benefits for many people.

But for some their will be negative consequences.

Those that exploit labor will have a harder time as now their labor force does not have to endure abusive conditions to ensure they have a basic quality of life ( food, water, shelter).

Those that exploit tenants will have a harder time raising rents. Since a tenants basic needs are no longer tied to a place of physical employment, people will be more mobile and able to relocate their living situation with relative ease into a non-exploitative tenant-landlord relationship.

Economists say “the only minimum wage should be ZERO”

This is only possible in a world where the value of labor is freely decided by the laborer and those contracting the labor. Since a labor only has tier 2 and above of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to attend to they are not on a level playing field with those that can afford to contract their services but they are not at a disadvantage being motivated to put up with wages disproportionate with the effort/skill/ or scarcity of the labor being provided.


The corporate shield refers to the legal liability a company can be subject to if that company is found or convicted of unethical, unlawful or otherwise negative impacts that company has committed in bad faith or actual malice.

It means that those individuals who work for the company are protected from legal seizure of assets.

Those who hold stock and vote on a company’s policies and elect board of directors, their personal non-corporate assets are protected as well.

The corporate shield allows individuals to take risks with their excess capital and not be held liable for the wrong-doing of a corporate entity. THIS IS A GOOD THING.

BUT it’s too much of a good thing.

When the corporate shield is used in bad faith to protect individuals and groups like the Sackler family from suffering any loss of property for (allegedly) withholding knowledge as to the addictive nature of Oxycontin, all while aggressively using incentive programs for doctors to prescribe Oxycontin over other less addictive medications.

In 2008 the “banks” were bailed out with government funds but there was certainly enough money on the other side of the corporate shield to cover the costs of corporate bankruptcy/reconstruction.

UBI provides the benefits of the corporate shield

by mitigating the maximum amount of risk an individual is exposed to. Every dollar over the essential cost of living (food, water, shelter) is excess and liable.

Those are my thoughts on that.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was of value.

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