This thorn has been in my head for a long time.

I know that TWITTER is for the famous

but I still use it

(and lie to myself saying that I am marketing my works)

I knew that Reddit AMA’s are for those with fame

but I tried it anyway.

I know still that Streaming on and posting on youtube

is not expanding my base

but I’m there anyways

All of these things will be of service to fans

once I have them

here’s what you came here for though

Step 1: Know your demographic

for me my ideal demographic is young men ages 18-25

Step 2: Know where they are and what content they consume

for my demo

they check best of Reddit 5 times a day via phone,

they are not on twitter in significance,

they have 1-3 forums they are active or lurkers in

(but this are hyper specific and deluded to be of marketing value)

They are on either YouTube or twitch 4 hrs a day

while gaming passively letting the algorithm feed them auto-play content

Step 3: Understand the requirements of the platform

While YouTube’s algorithm is a secret.

It’s a mystery box that millions of people feed hundreds of millions of hours of video into

but we know what gets weight down

and what gets lifted up


recommendations are for evergreen content from creators

with a consistent +4 year back catalog

Live streamers who engage on the platform

(comment-bots , community posts, etc)

are boosted

(my suspicion is that is based on how many times individuals check out the commenters channel page.)

The AI bot ties auto-play together based on the video description

(tags are a distraction)

(this creates a vicious reaction cycle funnel)

It’s why drama is so effective on YouTube

Step 4: lay the foundation for success to keep fans before you have them

Unless you want to be a one-hit wonder

or a that viral tweet

(which may become a Lizzo song)

you need to have a backlog of content

or become a flash in the pan

Step 5: Decide the color of your hat

Black hats:

maybe: use bots to comb your social site and get engagement

(suspect 1, suspect 2)

Buy: sub counts and watch time pushes

Grey Hats:

Kick the Hornets nests

Use the drama feed loop to spread your content and build a base

White Hats:

Get lucky

(this video was featured on the from page on YouTube and rocketed the channel from 50k to 300k subs in one month.

And has almost 1 million views)

Green Hats:

Do what Tai lopez did

“I’m here in my garage!”

There you have it!

I have other posts about the other platforms and best tips

Give me a comment and I’ll point you there.

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Thanks for reading, I hope this was of value.

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