It takes more than time…

Ten years ago I had grand dreams as to who and where I would be

A year ago I did not imagine I would be where I am now.

A year from now I cannot imagine where I will be.

To even attempt to do so is a waste of time.

Success takes more than time.

If all it took was time

Their would be



Greeters over fifty

That didn’t intentionally want

There careers. No no no if you need

More for your future then you have to do more

Do more than you ever thought was possible and learn

More than you ever dared to imagine. Learn more, Do more.

Wait no more…


This hourglass poem was crafted with love and care for you,


Reality is a Prism for your mind.


Last night i was trying to discuss with a fellow scholar my personal view of the human soul. Most people define the soul as separate from the body. And it is but it isn’t

First I believe in the Holy Trinity, the father, son, and the holy spirit. The clock-maker, The flesh, and the spirit. The mind, the body, and the spirit.

Taken together these three pillars are God.

Taken to a personal scale these three things are your soul.

We do not 100% know where thoughts come from but they are processed through the physical brain. We know that all things radiate invisible energy we can measure but can not with the naked eye perceive, giving us tangible evidence that their are forces outside of our perception the limits of which we do not know… this is spirit. The flesh without thought will be comatose. The flesh without spirit would be what some call today an NPC.

These three forces together are the soul. Your own personal trinity. You must care for each pillar if you want to reach the heights of Buddhist enlightenment.

In order for our souls to grow we must experience this simulation call linear time. Nothing can grow without time. In the infinite expanse of reality beyond our contained simulation, nothing can grow and nothing can die, it is without time past – present – and future. Q and his ilk would inhabit this plain.

My scholar friend told me that the soul is separate from the body because once the body die the soul will depart.

Pondering that

I’ve come up with this analogy.

The body is a Prism.

The mind pure light entering the Prism.

And the spirit is the sun light exiting that prism. Both the viable color bands and invisible infrared that we can measure with tools and those we cannot.

The soul is all three of these things. After the physical Prism breaks, it does not undo the effect that it has had on the entire stream of light.

The sun light can no longer fracture but the fractured won’t become whole.

This is the soul. A concept that is difficult for us to grasp still only having reference of our perceptions and limited by this linear temporal experience.