Why your independent comic book will not make you rich…

On the heels of Denver’s Independent Comic and Art Expo.

A thorn has been planted in my head

“You don’t get into comics if you want to make money.

You get into comics if you love comics.” -R. Alan Brooks

Well, that’s noble and a terrible, terrible view to have. First it’s demoralizing. Second it’s just not true.

You know what would be accurate and motivating.

“99.9% of people who have made a comic are not millionaires.”

you know what else is true

“99.9% of actors have never been in a Hollywood movie.”

you know what is motivating

“500 books are published a month. 95% of those sell less than 500 copies over their life time”

Why are these motivating?

Because they contain hope

“Hope is the promise of rain tomorrow for the flowers in the field.”


If you go into any industry or venture with the mindset the you will fail. Well you will.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

This is about mindset.

If you know the problem can be solved you then can solve it. If you enter with the assumption that the problem is not a problem but a fact of reality then you cannot solve it, you won’t even try.

Growth in life, business, and relationships is about finding those problems and solving them. If you do not find the problems you cannot solve them.

If you enter with the presumption that it WILL fail. Well, you won’t be on the look out for problems. And again if you do not find the problems you cannot solve them.


Get help from someone who has solved that problem, Get an outside perspective.

But do not say to yourself

“Well, there’s nothing I can do?”

Ask yourself

“What am I doing that is working? and what is not?”

and always ask


Follow the 4 simple steps outlined



This has all been inspired by

R. Alan Brooks

and his excellent writers workshop at DINK 2019

He will be teaching at REGIS university this fall on the subject of Comics. And is without a doubt an expert on the subject.

He hosts the podcast Mother F**ker in a Cape. This man has a golden radio voice.

Is on twitter @AlanBrooks_,

He writes one page comics for the Colorado Sun. “What’d I miss?

And his Comic Burning Metronome Vol. 1 is available in trade.

I’ve linked the tattered cover bookstore and not his WordPress site. Which you can purchase on page through a PayPal portal or Via a hidden link to his etsy page.

Now go buy this man’s books and give him the support he needs so that he can focus on making more fantastic stories!!!

Follow him on Twitter

With Love,


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