Every Blessing a Curse

Every Blessing is a Curse

Whether on it’s face such as the touch of Midas. Blessed with eternal fortune, cursed with the isolation that touch creates.

My wife is watching Memories of Alhambra.

And if I were still ignorant

I would enjoy it.

But I have been blessed with a thirst for knowledge

So then within the first five minutes, I’ve written of the Show’s director. Whose craft actually improves as the episodes progress, but he made a terrible first impression.

“Why oh Why didn’t I take the blue pill.”

Not that I would if I could go back.

But How different would my enjoyment be spending time with my wife enjoying a show with her, instead of reading a book or article at the edge of the couch while she follows the story.

A year ago I didn’t know anything about score composition

Color washes,


The three ways to film a chase scene,

and another half dozen aspects of filmography

and screen writing

and post production

that this show violates, ignores, or uses to incorrect effect

I’ve made peace with my own curse.

But tonight my mind wanders to think of the greater implications of just how high the bar is being raised.

Everyday there is another 500,000 hours of video upload to YouTube. That is a lifespan of 57 years to just watch one day’s worth of uploads, if you didn’t sleep from cradle to grave.

A hundred years ago, people gathered for miles to watch performers sit on a pole for a day straight.

The bar for what even qualifies as “Bad” and worth discussing is so high, everything that rates under 9 out of 10 is not even worth the breath to dismiss it.

Since 2018 I’ve watched YouTube at 2x, wishing it had 2.5x

meaning that over my 3-5 hours of passive YouTube courses I’m sitting through 6-10 hours of content.

I think this only puts me slightly ahead enough to see that the bar is so incredibly high.

How are we to create

whether of word

4,500+ books a day

whether of art

DeviantArt Alone


or of video

There are no more key holders standing between creators and the presses that carry their work to the masses.

But now the curse is to stand out as a drop of water from inside the ocean herself.

I hope you like me are spurred on by this

for now you know

just how good you have to be to even be worth

“Trash Talk.”

With Love,


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