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IMO The Thousand Cock Stare

The Thousand Cock Stare is a term in the Manosphere referring to the look of a woman who has not only hit the wall but has ridden the cock carousel so much that she has destroyed her ability to pair-bond and be satisfied with any partner for long.

Hot Take:

The premise is flawed.

Imagine your mind is a boat on a wide open ocean…

The older you get the more cargo you take on, the bigger that ship gets.

The bigger that ship is the harder it is for it to turn course.

The problem is that the manosphere says that pair bonding can occur after the age of 22 if only she has kept her partner count low.

The flaw in this premise is that if the ship at 30 is an oil tanker

the manosphere believes that at age 22 the ship can still easily right it’s sails

but by that point in a persons experience their ship is the size of a cruise ship,

It’s course is largely set and changing direction is easily and faster than that of the tanker,

But the capacity for pair bonding has already been determined.


is when the Seinfeld began grooming his bride


is largely when romantic and partner experience start to enter a person’s cargo hold

UNDERSTAND I am not advocating grooming or pedophile.

So 18 then so this all legal and well

at this age an adult woman will have had 3 years of experience in relationships and much less baggage.

This isn’t a question of pair-bonding because by and large I don’t think pair-bonding is a given trait. Since many cultures exist just fine without strict pair-bonding relationship and our society at least the working class portion will see it dissolve into either religious based pairs and secular open relations.

This is a matter of learned and repetitive behavior.

If you’ve read the Art of Seduction by Robert Greene,

or your familiar what to do after the honeymoon fades.

Then you should understand that after the initial attraction has faded their are steps to take that reignite lost flames and introduce excitement where and when appropriate. In order to keep things fresh for you and your partner.

It doesn’t matter whether or not a 30 or even 40 something took a good long ride on the cock carousel.

If her life experience is well adjusted to being alone, she will be unable to “pair-bond” just the same.

Because her life and experience consists largely without you and even with 30 more years of a successful marriage, this won’t prevent divorce because as people age and start to fall into routines the some of many experiences are blend into few and their cargo space is reduced.

You know how the days are long but the weeks are short and the years fly by.

The whole time she will remember the many highlights of varied experience from her 20 years before you came and unless you provide equally varied and memorable experiences than you are the one causing jeopardy in your relationship.

The number of cocks doesn’t matter

Its the number of experiences.

I’ll be honest those experiences increase the cost of maintaining a long term relationship, whether or not she was a rider or not. The Honeymoon phase gives you a hormonal boost to meet her cost expenditure. It’s not that you stop giving the same it’s that the hedonistic treadmill will mean that unless you’ve adopted a healthy abuse spiral, then your Honeymoon bonus goes away and now you have to expend more effort. Simply for her to adjust to that effort and demand more.

This isn’t a result of the stare, or the wall. This is just the way it is.

If you want a long term relationship with a single woman. You can’t front load all your effort in the relationship and expect to just coast.

You must intentional go through periods of drought and willful deprive, so that you can spin out of that and back into the romance closer to when you first started.

Pair-bonding, the stare, and the wall

are preached by the divorced casualties and the red pill ragers

to those who start this rabbit hole after their first clash with reality.

In summary read the Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

and understand now more than ever it’s on men to decide when and how long to engage with a partner.

Be informed and

Thanks for reading, I hope this was of value.

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Why does Trump want his name on the checks?

Two reasons:

First he is egotistical and understands that his name being associated with the relief will but trust or more trust in his well cultivated personal brand that TRUMP equals SUCCESS.

Second anyone who opposes secretly or openly this relatively benign action will be removed from the treasure and the federal reserve of which Trump has power over.

Is this a good thing?

Depends whose side your on

For a staunch Anti-federalist as myself. This is a harmless action with a net zero impact.

For a Democrat this is another reason to dislike Trump… which has a net zero impact on the way you were going to vote.

For a Republican this is a victory for moral and bragging rights, possibly allowing closest conservatives to support Trump behind his more vocal base.

For the 46% of Americans who didn’t show up to the polls in 2016, because they have tuned out of politics and government in general. This may tip more votes in Trump’s favor come NOV 2020. After all his opponent has been a sitting member of congress for over two careers and has zero name recognition with this turned out apathetic majority.

It would be a better democratic strategy to press that Trump’s name is on the check and therefore he is taking personal responsibility for those negatively affected by our current crisis.

But they won’t do that or at least they won’t do that well enough to gain an equal portion of the 46% apathetic votes, that this move will give Trump.

Final thoughts

Love him or hate him Trump won because he understands how to spin success out of straw and he knows that all publicity is good publicity.

The worst thing anyone can do is not talk about a thing

The second best thing in marketing is if someone talks bad about that thing

And the best thing is if someone trusted talks well about that thing.

Man I wish someone would talk about my works even unfavorable and passionately as they do about


Thanks for reading, I hope this was of value.

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Indivisible Soul


Take a loose piece of paper.

Draw two circles on that paper.

Fold the paper, halfway through one circle.

Now from the perspective of a 2-dimensional object on the paper.

The folded circle has been divided and half of it is gone.

But from our three dimensional perspective the folded circle is still whole, only now partially visible.

Now wonder upon yourself

if objects from higher dimensions

can be folded

they would be invisible to us

but they would be there

the other half of the folded circle is still there

only now there is no evidence from the perspective of the circle we can see.

This is my geometric ponderance of the soul.

Twitch script 3-27

At 12

for Tiktok

Ok tokkers and Millenials in partic

All your unemployed asses have destroyed the algorithm.

So I’m putting this video out for one hour.

As a straight up advertisement

And if you are one of the lucky 70 people who are going to see it

then join me on twitch


I go live on Twitch in at 3pm

Eastern Standard Time

Stream Topic


Today’s topic is



The Prisoner’s Dilemma


The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a two player Pascalian

Imagine you and your best friends decided to rob a bank

and the next day the police show up to arrest you.

They isolate you and your friend

and start questioning.

IGNORE the fact that you shouldn’t ever


talk to the police

even to clear your name without your attorny present

Pretend you’re a dumb person

I know you’re not a dumb person

but pretend for a second that you and your friend are willing to talk to the cops without a lawyer

so the cops say

“We have a deal for you?”

If you turn in your friend we will give him-her-zer the maximum sentence of ten years

but if you don’t turn in your friend and he turns you in you’ll get ten years.

Now if you both rat each other out you’re both going to jail for five years for robbing dat bank.

Now they don’t tell you this cuase they are cops doing their jobs

but it’s implied that if neither you or your friend rat each other out

then you both will go free

because they don’t have enough evidence to convict you

This is game theory

one OH one

because it doesn’t matter what you would do?

What matters is what you think your friend would do…

Is your friend going to throw you under the bus

so you throw him under the bus

you both do five

Do you trust your friend enough to risk doing ten years in prison?

If yes then you both go free.

The prisoner’s dilemma is taught not just as a cute little excersice

but because it allows

The ruthless

The psychopathic

The sociopathic

narsiccists to 100% justify

screwing over people

becuase this whole scenerio is designed

to teach you to more often than not

screw over someone else before they screw you over.

They design the scenario as though it’s your friend

but what if it was a stranger

you’d never trust a stranger and so your default position will now be to screw over

your oppenant

whether they are your customer

whether they are your employee

whether they are your employer

Now this is exaclty what I’m seeing on TikTok,

YouTube is a little different

But since right now you got the intorvert plague keeping everyone home

TikTok is being overwhelmed with creators more than audience

and since every creator is operating under the prisoner’s delimma

they are destroying the AI behind TikTok.

And they are doing it as quickly as possible

We are going to see another app pop out of no-where in about a month or two.

The children will migitate to the new space.

The HARDCORE tiktoker’s who don’t see the writting on the wall

this includes the celebs

the actual eyeballs will move to the new space.

TikTok will “falsify” their numbers

so that they can keep selling ads…

It’ll be a sad space where creators

instead of preforming for thousands

It’ll just be them preforming for thousands of bots.

That’s why you need to understand the prisoners dillemma.

Because it’s not about how you would act it’s about making a guess how your oppenant acts.

UNDERstand that a lot of people

still use the prisoner’s dillemma to make decisions.

The TikTok dillemma is if this platform is going to be ruined, then their is only so much time for me to use it before it becomes ruined, so therefore I must use as much of it as I can.

Don’t use the prisoner’s dillemma to be a jerk.

Just don’t be a jerk.

I’d rather serve ten years if I made the mistake of taking a snitch on a bank robbery, because I wouldn’t rat them out.

Then serve five years and have to live with myself being a coward and a rat for my whole life.

I get to make this choice.

Just as I made the choice which of my friends to rob a bank with.

What I don’t get to choose is how my friend will act when that moment comes.


Let’s that ends the scripted lesson

Let’s talk about how this affects a diplomatic game like

Freelander’s ADVENTURE

My respknse to “people will go back to being stupid after covid-19 is over”

Remember when you first learned hot things are hot?

How much it hurt?

And how you took caution the next time you suspected something was hot?

People dont understand the mortal and violent danger we are on the brink off. And they may not be alive after the lesson is taught.

So no those left wont go back to being stupid because they were not prepared to get burned to death.

This has been my ted talk,

Thank you.

Pair bonding and peer bonding

This is a thought and therefore it is to be taken solely as opinion on the author at the time of writing. I reserve to be wrong and alter this thought at any point in the future or the past.

It’s been a frequent conjecture in the red pill sphere that a woman’s ability to form a lasting pair bond is diminished with the number of sexual partners.

But that a man’s ability to pair bond is unaffected by his count of sexual partners.

Whether a double standard or a biological difference.

I can not say nor do I much care.

These are conjectures based on the summaries of my observations.

It is my current belief that women practice both pair bonding and peer bonding.

While men either practice peer bonding or pair bonding.

Peer bonding isn’t discussed when men talk about a women’s ability to pair bond.

It is without a doubt a foreign concept to most men.

Most men do not form new lasting friendships past the age of 25. And so the opportunity to create new and lasting peer bonds among men is diminished. So it is simply not thought about.

Women however can and do form lasting peer bonds throughout their life.

It is my current thought that men either practice peer bonding or pair bonding,

Whereas women can practice both at the same time.

The men who focus on peer bonding tend to put

“Bro’s before Hoes”

They tend to be the HVM (high value male), as their concerns for social status and allows them to climb the corporate ladder as well as become the “lifted” Alpha male of their friend circle.

But these men rarely settle down and if they do they often step out.

As their emotional needs (or need of sexual validation) tends to be more than a single partner can provide.

Where as I see the average Delta and Bravo,

Able to settle down but their pair bond takes priority over their social status.

As well as their economic status.

The drive to climb either ladder seems diminished

as long as things are well at home.


Here are my observations of women,

I have seen girls with high partner counts settle down into lasting marriages

the difference

A first I thought it was religion….

But whether Born Again Christian, Mormon, Wiccan, or Agnostic

religions where the package but the truth was

that these provide ready and open peer groups for the women

women who’ve taken up a regular social hobby with other women of “good” moral character

I see the same shift in them as well.

She can be the atheist or satanist in a knitting circle but the reinforcement of values through a stable peer group is the difference.

I think that women fill the first two levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with a strong pair bond but only half of the third tier.

The other half of the third tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as well as the fourth tier is reserved for influences beyond the home.

Whereas men for the most part seek to fill the part two tiers from society and the top two tiers from pair bonding. Men don’t need to peer bond with their coworkers or even hold to religious tenets and practices to satisfy the first two tiers and in most cases the Delta can rest content upon the third tier of Maslow’s hierarchy while filling the need for esteem through self isolating hobbies (video games, model trains, stamp collecting)

If you think I’m wrong about this FIGHT ME!

Thanks for reading, I hope this was of value.

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Accept the truth that you chose to be born!

Stoic philosophy is quite clear that there are many things you can not control. Rather than dwell on the circumstances and conditions nature has placed upon you, a Stoic must instead only focus on how those things affect them and how they can control themselves despite circumstances that are not within their control.

Whether born an emperor or the slave, a Stoic is to do their duty as the economic circumstances of their birth are out of their control.

I never liked that line of logic.

On it’s face it locks a person in place.

Now in Dianetic philosophy, if you can call it such. There is a concept that ALL the challenges and circumstances of one’s life are under one’s control. The Dianetics are in complete control.

Meaning that unfortunate events are to teach lessons, the more those lessons repeat the more severe they will be until the Dianetic has learned the applicable lesson.

I despise Dianetics.

As it creates a Narcissistic god complex in it’s adherents.

As a Pragmatist, it serves to take away from these conflicting philosophies what is relevant as it is relevant.

-Story Time-

(Philosophic points after)

I often jest with co-workers and friends who are unhappy with the circumstances of their life, particularly due to their economic status and the conditions of their job.

“Well, you should have thought about that before you decided to be born poor.”

Is my default remark. It illicits a laugh and dismisses the conversation woe of choosing either between pity or comradely. While not invalidating their circumstances or their feelings to it.

I use this remark because with every single co-worker, I talk with. I’ve told them they don’t have to work here. Everyday they are given the choice to improve their tomorrow, through sacrifices today that may pay off in the future.

Whether they are a lift operator in their fifties or a disgruntled loader in their early twenties. Their first complaint about the job (to me) is met with this question.

“Well what would you rather be doing?”

answers range from I’d rather be at home, playing video games, to on a yacht off of Florence.

“Well, what’s stopping you? Go do that.”

Here’s when I see the walls of cognitive dissonance rise in their eyes and demeanor.

They brush it off and go back to work

Or at most

Outright state “I need money.”

and head back to work

But the seed of Truth has been planted

If they don’t want to be at work

They don’t have to

Not only did they make the active choice of choosing this job


Everyday they reaffirm that choice

Actively by going to work


by not looking at other job offers

(our lift operators where paid $15/hr, when the going rate was starting at $22/hr)

by not working on bettering themselves

(Our warehouse is brutal and acts gym rats who still find 5 extra hours to hit the gym

but not one to work on their resume)

by not creating goals

It’s been three years since my first conversation with a disgruntled co-worker

he’d rather be a Twitch broadcaster, playing video games and getting paid. That was his answer three years ago. YET, he hasn’t tried even once.

Since that time his salary has been cut by $5,000 dollars.

The Covid bug has reduced his hours and his wife who went back to work to make up the difference may be out of a job.

So when he complains because our typical March shift is 12 hours and now he is only getting 6.

“Well, you should have thought about that before you decided to be born poor.”

and since January I’ve been on Twitch myself.

What’s more is I come at it with two months of research before I started. Turns out the average length of time for a streamer to “Breakthrough” is 6 years.

Our operator could be half-way but he hasn’t broadcasted once.

And I don’t even want to be on Twitch

But that’s where the people are

and I need them to read and buy my books

So I can continue my mission of improving young men’s literal lives.

-Alright Story Time Over-

As a Pragmatist, it serves to take away from these conflicting philosophies what is relevant as it is relevant.

The Stoics say you can’t control the circumstances of your birth

The Dianetics say you control every aspect of your life (birth included)

What would it mean to think that you chose the circumstance of your birth?

What kind of agency does this provide?

If you were omnipotent before carnation, why would you have chosen the particular circumstance of your birth?

When you could have chosen any other

If you chose the circumstance, you chose the challenges.

I feel rather empowered thinking that I set the difficulty of this life. No, I did not decide all the events; Hurricanes and Tidal Waves, but I can Stoically decide those events impacts on my philosophy and future actions as well as their emotional impact on me.

-Second Story Time-

I didn’t decide that Bitcoin would be so valuable, while I knew of it in 2008. Rather than dwell on the opportunity lost or indulge my own cognitive dissonance (Which tells me that Bitcoin has and will have no inherent value and therefore is an immoral confidence trade. OR. That destiny has decided that you are not ready for wealth and that I must continue to work on myself before wealth will present itself.)

Instead when I am presented with a new technology or opportunity, I will preform a cost benefit analysis and poor separable resources into it if I think it’s ends are worth the investment.

I still think that by and large, stock trading or confidence bets are immoral and the purity of my soul must also be considered when makes such “investments”.

Which is why I bought into High Times during their schedule A push and after further revelations as to the companies overall health. I am excited to pick-up more stock once they hit an exchange. Even though the stock I have already purchased will have fallen though the floor. I own stock in High Times not because they are poised to make a fortune with the legalization of weed and have a super confidence boost but because with high enough equity in the company I can ethically take dividends and keep confidence in the company.

-Story over-

Pragmatically I think that operating under the heuristic, that you chose not just to be born but the circumstances of your birth, gives you control and agency and hope as to how the rest of your life turns out.

You may not have chosen.


You did.

The truth doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you operate as if though one were true.

If you think OH woe is me, I am but a leaf on the wind. You will still die.

If you think I am the master of my destiny. You will still die.

One of these operative modes gives you more choice everyday to continue your current pattern of behavior

and the other

You surrender that choice to the fates

Well that’s about my thoughts on that.

End Card

Thanks for reading, I hope this was of value.

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Devin Nash Hardcore

Devin Nash, affectionately known to the twitch community as CEO Andy, is the CMO of N3rdFusion and the host of the Devin Nash Show

the Devin Nash Show is a broadcast that covers, gaming influencer news, as well as Rogan-esq broadcaster interviews that focus on what makes them successful as broadcasters and influencers

Here are some choice selection of those interviews

Business Experts Talk Success Secrets (ft. Gootecks)

Top Twitch Streamer MoonMoon Discusses Streaming Success

And a breakdown of 100 thieves Market genius behind their gaming fortress

(Highly Recommend for the Marketing inclined)

Devin Nash is also a Hardcore player of POE(Path of Exile).

This thorn I’m about to pull is why?

In his words he plays Hardcore because when he loses a character he needs to feel it. The absolute loss of a character because of his own actions. Or to the indifference of the games bosses who have broken mechanics, which he should have avoided.

Every man has his preference and it’s perfectly acceptable that his be irregular.

He refers to the normal mode though as a “Baby Game” in rhetoric jest of course. But it is still a deflection of digging at why he truly plays hardcore, with such an off the cuff dismissal of the default and most popular game mode. What bothers me about this is that this is not an argument to sway others to his form of perceived superior play but rather to himself securely coddled in his preference.


Why is that important that he raises rhetoric argument?

Because rhetoric is not application of persuasion, not the method by which truth is discovered.

Rhetoric is primary used as a weapon, either when there is a lack of knowledge on a subject or where the truth is counter to the conclusion you wish an audience to draw.

So here’s why IMHO

Devin Nash plays Hardcore?

He is practicing attachment, control, investment and failure.

Games fill whatever desire your heart longs for a time but without ever fulfilling that desire forever.

Are you feeling lonely?

Join a cooperative experience

Are you feeling like murdering your boss?

Hop on an Xbox shooter, talk smack and exercise dominance over 12 yr old boys until dawn instead

Are you feeling unchallenged?

We have strategy games for that.

Are you feeling the need for a girl but don’t want to take a shower?

Let me introduce you to the world of dating sims.

Hardcore modes fill a very special need

For some it’s the sheer challenge and proof of mastery

For others it’s the most uncontested leader-board

For Devin Nash

it’s grief and frustration

He doesn’t play Hardcore for fun

No, indeed too many hours have been throw into POE

to call it fun or catharsis

Why would anyone inflict themselves with such pain and loss though?

Understand that for every character death he experiences,

That character is permanently dead and can no longer be played.

Which means all the hours, days, weeks of investment that went into

crafting that character are GONE FOREVER.

Even if that Character does not die they will be forever in memoriam after the seasons end, never to be played again as the call of a new season begs the creation of a new avatar.

Each ending condition is the same the investment squandered, as games like life have an end when all will be forgotten.

POE Hardcore fills Devin Nash’s need for attachment by providing a, relatively, consequence free zone for him to experience attachments ultimate conclusion death and grief

This the motive that he keeps from himself

Because Detachment and the practice thereof dominates his conscience and everyday life. Romanticly, Profressionally, and Religously

Why then must I attack his last vestige of Attachment by revealing it’s nature?

It is the truth as I see it.

It’s not a bad thing, It’s just a hidden thing

and all things must be brought under the light.

Disclaimer: I am not, nor am I holding myself out to be a doctor/physician, nurse, physician’s assistant, advance practice nurse, or any other medical professional (“Medical Provider”), psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, counselor, or social worker (“Mental Health Provider”), registered dietician or licensed nutritionist, or member of the clergy. This has been intended solely as an excersice of logic and not assertion of my present opinion or of fact. There is no intent to harm inherent in the above statements

Thanks for reading, I hope this was of value.

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