Motivations of the Vox Day male hierarchy

The purpose of this article of thought is to explore and define the motivations of each  tier of the Vox male hierarchy.

Understanding what motivations each position is important because then it is easier to understand and predict how each position will act in a given situation.

From the bottom up.


Omegas’ primary concern is safety.

Omegas are defined by their exclusion from the hierarchy. They lack in personal hygiene and social skills sometimes by choice. If they smell bad or look threatening then people will leave them alone. If they are left alone then they are safe or safer from attacks by those in the group.

They can be keyboard warriors, behind the safety of anonymity, locked in their mothers basement. Now that they are in a safe space they can go above their Omega type and begin interacting. Unfortunately online social interactions lack the feedback systems of in person situations. This is why they can’t grow out of Omega habits that define them to the world.

But within the digital world where their primary concern is met (safety) they can flourish up the ranks of the hierarchy.

They can become a valued contributor or even moderator to a forum becoming a proxy Bravo.

They can participate in games as a Delta.

But this will not translate into the physical world and they will continue their Omega patterns. Primarily concerned with there own safety.


(Disclaimer as a Gamma this section may be poor. Leave a comment if you can help make this better.)

Gammas’ primary concern is pleasure.

Gammas seek the most pleasurable existence possible. That is why they erect their safe spaces. That is why they shy away from work that is uncomfortable. That is why they don’t care about the responsibilities of being the leader of an organization. They care about themselves and only produce and participate if they garner pleasurable rewards.

They are emotionally volatile because they enjoy the highs that come with it even if they have to suffer the GAMMA meltdowns that come.

They tend to be smarter because they will find the shortest route to pleasure and use their intelligence to further their enjoyment and minimize their discomfort. These shortcuts are as much their downfall as they are a key characteristic. Intelligence or knowledge seeking is often a pleasurable activity because of the dopamine release associated with it.

Now what isn’t pleasurable is reformation or abstinence from a behavior that is immediately pleasurable but has long-term consequences.

For instance destructive teasing. May feel good as they assert themselves over someone else but this is not in line with the long term goals of the other tiers.

Gamma’s live and die by

“What’s in it for me?”


Deltas’ primary concern is acceptance

Deltas are defined as the worker bees of the hierarchy. They are the foundation that gets the work done. Their desire is acceptance by the group. If they engage in teasing they are attempting the male ritual of acceptance through hazing, which I do not approve of.

At my bill paying job, we drive forklifts during breaks each persons individual forklift is parked at a central location for the duration of the break. If you’re the first one to take break you can expect that someone may unplug your battery pack or flip the switch that turns off your forklift. Now a Delta does this saying jokes on you. If you’re a Delta or a Bravo you’ll have a laugh and get them back later in the same way.

If your an Omega or Gamma, you will see this as a personal attack. Someone has messed with your personal Lift. They view this the same way a Delta or Bravo would if someone messed with their car.

Deltas understand the greater social context around this momentary inconvenience. Gammas and Omegas don’t.

What I find most ironic. Is that everyone should be inspecting their equipment every time they have left it unattended for more than five minutes. For safety. If their is a frayed wire or your battery needs charging an inspection now saves ten to twenty minutes later.

Deltas will work within the group and for the goals of the group as long as they are accepted. If a large group during lunch talks about a new show, sport, or other water-cooler type talk. Deltas will check out that show or sport so they can join in and keep their status.


Bravos’ primary concern is validation

Validation from below and above.

This is why Bravos implode when they take an Alpha role. Without a clear point for validation from above they will try to make everyone happy and succeed in making no one happy.

Bravos will spend more on status symbols to separate themselves and become envied by the Deltas below them. These fancy cars and nice suits garner envy from below and validate the choices they make.

Bravos are the sheep dogs of the group. They are tasked indirectly or directly to keep the Deltas and Gammas on task. (Omegas in an organization tend to work as contractors and don’t need managing. They need only a clear goal and role. Then to be left alone as long as they are fulfilling that.)

By keeping the workers on task or providing gains for the Alpha they expect validation in return. That what they are doing is important and they are good at it.

Because validation over acceptance is their primary motivator. They seek higher paying positions. They pay attention to social interactions so they can gain higher status. They modify their habits so they stay one step above Delta but without the shy away from the responsibility of an Alpha.


Alphas’ primary concern is Power

Seems simple enough but it is why they want that power that is the difference between the captain of the football team and the CEO of a Fortune five hundred company.

Alphas need Power in order to accomplish their mission.

Alphas have a mission and they seek power to accomplish that mission. Their missions can be broad bring glory and gold to Rome, end cyclic tribal warfare in Mongolia, or acquire wealth and power for the family. The missions can be specific win homecoming day game, play a full Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Take the boys out on the town. Their missions can be multi-layered like: become a professional basketball player, become president, or cure disease.

Drive to complete these missions are what attracts Deltas and Bravos to support an Alpha. Because the Alpha knows that he needs Power to accomplish his mission. His actions are in accordance with gaining more Power to accomplish his mission.

Take the Football captain. He needs the respect and envy of the Bravos and Deltas. He will date the Head Cheerleader because she occupies a position of power and he will have more respect from his men and the school. This respect is social currency he will spend to accomplish his mission.

He will work very hard at practice to inspire his men to work just as hard. He will study plays conveying relevant information to his teammates.

The strength of the Alpha as an Alpha is determined by the lengths he is willing to go to accomplish his mission. The more he does to further the accomplishment of the mission the greater an Alpha he is. Because he will inspire his Bravos to give more for the mission so they can be validated. The Deltas will be trying to keep pace with the Bravos. The Gammas see the rewards of cheerleader dates, glory, and they will suffer for the rewards being promised.

Without the hierarchy under him the Alpha is just an Omega with a mission.

After the mission is complete and the power has been consolidated the Alpha may fall into destructive Gamma behavior. Stoicism is the antidote to this. As well as finding a new mission.

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